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The Star and Garter / A10 FCS848
« on: 17 March, 2017, 17:24:18 »
Hello all,

does anyone on here own or know owns an A10, reg FCS848.
I have a picture of it taken in 1980 and a tax disc from 61 if the current owner is interested,
saw the bike in a copy of real classic in 2011 and emailed the editor but didn't hear back..


Singles / C15 oil leaks!
« on: 16 March, 2017, 22:38:07 »
Hello to all!
New forum member looking for a bit of advice regarding a leaky 1960 C15..
My first British bike as I usually have 70/80s Jap 2 stroke stuff but this came available so went for it. Anyway, its been stood for 2 years and was running when laid up but when I collected it there was a huge puddle of oil underneath. So got it home, up on the ramp, cleaned up the bottom of engine and traced the leaks. One is from the primary chaincase, another from a brittle oil feed pipe so nice easy fixes on these. However, the worst leak is from the inner timing cover so I'm looking for advice and opinion on which way to go..
So 1, Can the inner cover be removed without disturbing the gear cluster and is it a relatively easy task?
2, Looking at gasket kits I cant see gaskets for the inner and outer timing covers, so are these available or were they simply not used?
3, Is it worth the bother of fixing it as most ive spoke to just say "of course it leaks, its British!"
I don't fancy leaving it as it would bug the hell out of me- I don't mind a few drips here and there but this is pretty bad..
Any advice appreciated,

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