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The Star and Garter / Re: Fuel Tanks (again)
« on: 31 October, 2017, 19:15:55 »

I have visited the localish guy spoken of recently and he swears by this product. He is a professional fuel tank reliner. So I left my tank with him to have the job done properly.?????

I have a second tank that looks as if it came out of the ark which I shall have a go at myself later.

The job is going to come out at about 150. A lot of money but should be worth it.

Take care

Mike 8) 8)

Twins / Re: buyer beware!
« on: 30 October, 2017, 16:33:54 »
 :) :)

Sure you didn't mean defective :)

mike :o :o

Twins / Re: buyer beware!
« on: 30 October, 2017, 08:34:11 »
I just looked this guy up.

Apparently he's been an Ebay member since 2012 but his history lists no sold items.

I bought an old M20 in 2015 from another guy doing equally stupid advert prices also from Birmingham and also Egyptian imports.

So it could well be a scam or he is simply overpricing everything. I guess it will take someone living near Brum to take a look. Sorry I'm too far away.

The guy I bought from whilst based in Brum actually stored at a lock-up near Warwick.

But it sounds suspiciously like "brothers in arms"

Mike 8) 8)

Twins / A65 drive sprocket
« on: 29 October, 2017, 20:15:06 »

I'm considering putting a 29 tooth primary drive sprocket on an A65 that I'm building. All my current info is for 28 teeth.

So whilst I understand the gearing affect. will be a problem with the primary chain. I can only find A65 info for an 80link chain

 (which I imagine will be too tight) or an 82 link.

So if I use the 82 will I have enough adjustment. Your advice please.

Incidently the reason for this is quite simple----I already have a 29T sprocket.

Don't know what it came off???????

Mike ;D ;D

Twins / Re: buyer beware!
« on: 29 October, 2017, 15:38:33 »
 :) Probably dreamers but there are folks who have a romantic notion of regaining their youth who don't know any different. Actually I think I know about the romantic notion but fortunatly I do know different.(I think)
Take care

Mike ::) ::)

Twins / Re: A65 swingarm bush removal
« on: 29 October, 2017, 15:33:19 »
Hi  :)
What I do is this.

First burn/melt out the inner and try to get all the rubber bits out as well.

Now weld a lump of steel into the very end of the outer/stuck part. Heat it and with a long drift up against your welded steel from the opposite end---beat it out. Sometimes the welded bit will break off---so weld in another. The weld heat also helps.

It can still be a "B" but it works.

Mike 8) 8)

Twins / Re: buyer beware!
« on: 29 October, 2017, 11:20:20 »
 :)MAYBE OK. :) About 3K overpriced.

Mike 8)

The Star and Garter / Re: Fuel Tanks (again)
« on: 28 October, 2017, 17:15:47 »
Hi Agen. :)

Whilst on this subject. This an Indian tank that I bought about 18months back. It has only had two lots of fuel put in it and the amount of rust and other cra- that came out beggars belief.

I admit that when I bought it I was very pleased with it and sang its praises. However now??????? buyer beware.

Mike 8) 8)

Twins / Re: How original for an age related plate?
« on: 28 October, 2017, 15:49:30 »
Hi  :)

I was about to ask this question---Thanks

Mike 8) 8)

The Star and Garter / Re: Fuel Tanks (again)
« on: 28 October, 2017, 15:44:49 »
Hi Bess

That is extremely interesting and in truth looks a good way to go. I've already de-rusted it and having run out of "Splosh" looking for something to continue the process.I shall keep you up to date. Actually one of their recommended "fixers" is only a few miles from me, so I might do a bit of interrogation.

Thanks a zillion for your input

Mike 8) 8)

Twins / Re: A65L oil pump woes
« on: 25 October, 2017, 10:05:14 »

This may sound a bit radical, but you might try just a very very small amount of extra fine grinding paste, but for an absolute minimum amount of rotations.

Mike 8)

The Star and Garter / Fuel Tanks (again)
« on: 25 October, 2017, 09:21:57 »
Hi. I'm just in the process of "doing" a petrol tank and I've run out of cleanser and sealant.

Whats new on the market and what are you gents currently using. I'd much rather use something proven by you than take a chance on getting it right.

Mike 8) 8)

The Star and Garter / Re: Short intro.
« on: 24 October, 2017, 10:25:00 »
Hi Welcome.

Ask as many questions as you wish. Someone will usually know the answer.

Silly questions????? The only silly questions are the ones that you don't ask.

Take care

Mike 8) 8)

Singles / Re: A65 pistons
« on: 13 October, 2017, 09:51:43 »

Thanks for that. Sorry I put post in wrong place-----age.

Mike 8)

Singles / A65 pistons
« on: 12 October, 2017, 12:04:15 »
Hi :)

I have seen listed some 7:1 pistons and as I need a set of pistons I am giving this some thought. Mainly because it should be easier to kick it over.(If I ever get to trying it again)

What were they in originally??

What sort of effect would they have. Radically underpowered or only a little????????

Mike 8)

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