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Twins / Re: RGS inner primary chain case
« on: 02 October, 2017, 23:11:21 »
Robin, I think your lack of quantity on answers is probably because the one or two guys that have more knowledge than you could ever imagine have already answered your question.
I doubt if you'll get much more on the subject on the forum.  I suspect the majority of BSAOC members are not glued to their phone, tablet or MacBook and may well be draining their sump or applying fresh sealant to their primary outer case as we speak.
Try a couple of forums there are other busier ones (frequented by members on here too) where you might get an RGS owner pop up with something definitive.  Also if you are a member there's a list of contacts for technical questions in your monthly magazine (think jules who you've already had an answer from is one).
Seen it a few times (on other forums) where new forum members are highly expectant of instant fixes to hard question the let rip cause no-one has fixed it for them.  Remember you get out what you put in.
What's your thinking on the cases. Is it not just early and later cases and RGS being later = later case?
Are you going to build one? Or convert your GSR or buy one? What case are you running?
Hope you get to a landing place soon.
Cheers Raymond.

Twins / Re: Indian tanks
« on: 18 July, 2017, 22:32:21 »
Rob, you wanted to see my alloy tank - here you go.  Cheers Raymond

« on: 14 July, 2017, 12:19:20 »
Welcome to the forum,  You'll find experts like Julian very helpful in your mission to do something with your BSA.
One word of advice from a novice - keep all the paperwork and information you might already have (especially where and when you bought the bike/project, receipts and all) - this will come in handy when you come to register the bike (if that's your intention).  Previously exported and re-imported bikes have to be HMRC customs cleared before you can do much with them.
You'll find tons of useful information available through the wider OC website, like dating and processes.  The facilities, data, information and expertise on hand (like Julian) are second to none and way better than other OC organisations.
I'm a bit jealous - your A75 find is a rare thing these days - and I certainly never fall across any like that.

good luck

National, Branch and Group Events / Re: Ayr Classic Show
« on: 21 June, 2017, 15:26:03 »
Derek, meant to ask if you were going - I made a last minute decision to go and took my wife for a little look.
Yeh, great weather and a decent little show.  I didn't really know what to expect (first timer) - but there was a fair mixture.  Wasn't so sure about the 'recent' classic thing - I suspect a way of involving all the club or something - but there were better bikes in the car park (and I don't mean that in a bad way) guess I found it hard to admire a 1998 yamaha virago as a classic.
Was good that they had the sight and sound thing.  Loved hearing the Rudge and a few racing bikes.  Pity the MV didn't run right - sounded amazing on start up but ran up and down like a bag of spanners.
I had a pocket full of cash looking for some autojumble goodies - but again I think I was expecting more!  I ended up with nowt.
I missed the Jimmy Guthrie memorial on the Sunday (more local to me) and they too got a great day for it - did anyone venture to that in Denholm?
Derek, I'm sure we'll meet up one day!  Probably it'll be after I sell the A10 (getting itchy for a new project already!!!).

cheers Raymond.

Went out on my maiden voyage last night - a short ride to my local classic bike club meet at Leadburn.  Happy to report everything went really well.  Bike started and ran fine, stayed oil tight and behaved it's self.  The bike went down really well at the gathering and despite there being a myriad of makes and models and owners (from Brough Superior to Yamaha 2 stroke) - the old A10 drew a fair bit of interest.
Very pleased with results of my labour.
On the ride there the motor ran smooth and quiet on the way back shortly after taking off I got a few coughs and splutters (still cold?) then after a couple of miles it cleared and felt twice as powerful as it did on the way out.  Given that's it's first 20 miles - I'll give it another 20 or 30 miles before I do the oil and set about some tuning.  Oh and will have a little look at the front brake - that didn't feel great (but new shoes and cable and all that so might just need a few miles to bed in?).
Couldn't be more pleased or proud of my old A10.

cheers Raymond.

Wow, B31
That didn't last long 2 or 3 weeks from introduction of your new toy to sold! (just checked to see it wasn't an old post from last year or something)
Didn't you like it?  Looked and sounded like a cracker to me!


The Star and Garter / Re: petrol tank
« on: 09 June, 2017, 15:13:37 »
This tank is coming along great.  Wish I'd tried this method myself - I went a different route and ended up repainting (was an oil tank though).  Might give it a try on a spare oil tank I have for future reference.
BTW - WD40 is not the best rust inhibitor.  in fact it's banned in a few industries for the reason it can actually cause rust under some circumstances - I'm sure there'll have been a debate about it on here before!  Napier's gun oil is good!

Thanks Jules,
Number plates ordered.
Will phone around for fresh insurance at lunchtime (had it on a joint policy by frame number but MCE said they couldn't leave it on a frame number any longer and cancelled it!).
Could be on the road by the weekend - assuming the monsoon subsides :-)

Cheers Raymond.

Whoop whoop
Well it's finally here😀
Got my registration through today!
6 months and a day but who's counting.
Quick question - is 3 numbers followed by 3 letters normal for an age related plate (1956 model)?  I was kind of expecting 3 letters followed by 3 numbers?
Also - I believe white on black is the correct style for this year? Silver on black pressed number plates are easier to obtain but not sure how correct that'd be.  I'm not a rivet counter would just be a shame to give a rivet counter an excuse to comment for the sake of asking what's correct 😀  What's more is the variety of sizes and shapes - don't know which to go for?
Nearly on the road though - plates insurance (against the proper reg) and tax (historic😀) I can nearly feel the wind in my hair (not that I have much left now! Had a full mullet before I got this bike - LOL

Twins / Re: Indian tanks
« on: 05 June, 2017, 08:12:18 »
Rob I think it's probably a case of picking the worst of the evils!
I have no real experience of Indian alloy tanks, but I paid more to have my old one repaired (few dents and a polish) - than an Indian one costs.  In good condition the old ones go for completely silly money (lyta type spitfire being 700 to 1400 !!!).
With that in mind - a few days worth of fettling maybe isn't such a bad deal!
Cheers Raymond.

Irony is I already got an owners club report along with my dating certificate - so have already proven it's complete, clear numbers, photos, rubbings and all.  I did read somewhere that about 10% get lumbered with an SGS examination.  Mine has a note on the BSAOC report that says the engine originally went to Holland (hence had to get HMRC import duty exemptions (Nova 1 forms) etc) and that might be why it popped up in the percentage that get inspected.  Hay ho - we'll just have to get on with it.  I called to arrange an inspection yesterday to be reminded that it takes 5 days for them to arrange so will get a date next week which should be inside 4 weeks depending on workload.  What's another 5 weeks between friends?  Think I'll be fitting a pair of knobbly tyres for the shakedown run about November :-)  Double irony is the bike only took 7 months to build and I'm at 6 months this week trying to register with about 5 weeks plus DVLA time to come!
I'm afraid the magic is beginning to rub off a little - haven't even lifted the dust cover off for about 4 weeks and can hardly remember what the thing looks like :-(  I fear I might start a new project before this one is on the road.
Patience maketh the man and all that.
Heads up though - if for any reason the examination determines I can't get an age related plate or need a Q plate - there will be a load of cracking parts hitting the for sale section and Ebay!  Reckon I'd have more chance of getting my investment back that way :-)  Brand new fresh Roller bearing bottom end, standard size barrels with new 9:1 pistons, recon alloy head, Bob Newby belt clutch kit, New Lucas dynamo, recon K2f, Lyta tank, recon G/B, SRM oil pump ........ - could take me a while to list everything :-)

Congratulations Don,  Must be a great feeling.
I fear my own shake down is a bit off yet.  I did receive another DVLA envelope - sadly not a V5.  This time it was a letter telling me that they wanted an SGS examination!
So I have the letter with me today and will give them a call.  I really hope I don't have to go and hire a van and take a day off to get an inspection done???
The hilarious bit of the letter is at the bottom they say - If you have to take the vehicle to SGS to be examined (that's what makes me think they won't come to me) - please note the vehicle needs to be roadworthy, Taxed and insured - not sure how I can do that without a registration?
Still living in hope of a result this side of Christmas.

The Star and Garter / Re: Dating certificates & DVLA applications
« on: 24 April, 2017, 08:13:20 »
My lunge for the line - to win the race to get registered just took a nasty turn on Friday.  I got home to a brown DVLA envelope and I could hardly contain myself as I hurriedly opened the thing!  Upon reading the first line - my heart sank - Your application has been rejected!!!
Ohh man!!
Reading further it went on to state that dating certificates must be this and that and state the evidence used - blah blah - definitely a standard cover all response (rejection).  I went through the dating certificate - checking off all the 'rules', yip, states that, covers this - what's the problem?  Then it dawned on me - hang on this is a photo copy!  Went to my BSA folder and sure enough - there were the originals.  Turns out in all the form filling, copying of passports, electricity bills etc - I'd not included the original dating certificates (about the only one that has to be original).  So all sorted out packaged up and back in the post to DVLA.

So there goes another 4 weeks of my life - and another 4 to wait - man this registering a bike thing will be the end of me.
Fingers crossed again.

The Star and Garter / Re: A7 ST number plates query
« on: 19 April, 2017, 13:20:29 »
Just read up on the Maudes Trophy.  Man that sounds amazing - Annis your A7 Star Twin definitely needs celebrating!!!
I'd like to see a Honda Fireblade ride through London traffic north to south and east to west in top gear - or a Yamaha R1 having a de-coke in 4 minutes using just the spanners in the tool kit!
The A7 ST trophy is one of my favorites.
Stick in

The Star and Garter / Re: A7 ST number plates query
« on: 19 April, 2017, 13:09:24 »
In Lieu of a regulation it'd be worth considering the consequences - even if not legal but hassle.  While there is good consensus that you don't need a front plate - the argument for it being right - or at least not wrong is compelling.
I would agree that in most cases if stopped and checked the police may not even bat an eyelid.
However consider an ANPR or traffic warden picking up the 'false' reg and getting pulled for no tax or insurance - yeh you could probably argue it away and probably win - but at what cost in time and effort if nothing else?
I'd agree with sticking an 'info' plate on 'Maudes Trophy' or something but personally I wouldn't stick on someone else's registration number.
BTW - I'm now off to google Maudes Trophy.

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