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Singles / Re: Sump Plate - loose studs & sealing
« on: 18 May, 2018, 20:52:19 »
Just been reading this thread, if the studs are fitted with locktite and you use spring washers and standard nuts all will be well. That's what I use and oil does not leak. That's what was used when the bikes were new only they did not use locktite just screwed the studs in. Do not overtighten use a short spanner and modest pressure.

Singles / Re: Kickstart cotter pin
« on: 19 January, 2018, 22:19:31 »
Forget the heat gun, as someone has already said a parallel punch and a smart blow with a hammer.  A fairly heavy hammer if you have one or can borrow one.

Singles / Re: B40 kickstart
« on: 23 November, 2017, 21:31:09 »
I had the same problem with my C15.  Solved it with a cotter pin with a smaller flat on it, got it from a company called Trial Bits.

Singles / Re: C15 fork oil
« on: 05 November, 2017, 09:20:37 »
Yes 100cc per leg.  When I got my C15 the forks were leaking but they had far too much oil in them, draining and putting in the correct amount in solved the problem.

Singles / Re: C15 fork oil
« on: 31 October, 2017, 16:57:20 »
Yes I am sure that is ok for the forks.

Singles / Re: Flashing indicators
« on: 28 August, 2017, 20:30:59 »
I got the lamps, flasher and switch from Paul Goff, he does a price if you buy a set.  He has a big range of lamps on his website. I then made up a loom from the wire in my scrap box.  If you search for Paul on the web he is easy to find.

Singles / Re: Flashing indicators
« on: 28 August, 2017, 20:08:51 »
I have just fitted a set to my C15.  The only damage I have done is two small holes either side of the headlamp cowl for the front ones.  I have a rack on the rear and put the holes in the mounting brackets for the rear ones.  I chose black finished lights and they don't show much.

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