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Singles / Re: Valve Clearance ZB 33 A
« on: 07 April, 2018, 16:18:43 »
Valve clearence is dictated by what cams are fitted not the year of the bike

Singles / Re: C15 tank beading
« on: 31 March, 2018, 10:51:45 »
been looking for a while now when you do see then they are stupid Money

The Star and Garter / Re: Where shall I get my exhaust system ?
« on: 31 March, 2018, 10:50:20 »
i fitted one yesterday from classic bike shop went straght on

Singles / Re: T14 piston in B31
« on: 28 March, 2018, 20:57:35 »
i have done it a few times

The Star and Garter / Re: Bike recovery
« on: 18 March, 2018, 18:27:48 »
We were in Belgium three years ago, bike insured on a classic policy with breakdown cover or so we thought, the bike broke down and we called the insurance company, when the driver arrived we were informed they wanted paying in cash no cards accepted, we rang up the insurance company who told us break down assistance means they assist you with the breakdown but will not pay, we pointed out the policy states we will get you home,  they will get you home but take the bike to a safe place of storage the bike is up to you to recover, cost 300 in Belgium to get to the ferry and then another 200 to get home from Hull.
This was with one of the Major Classic insurance companys who have been endorsed by the BSAOC i do not in any way blame the BSAOC what i am saying is we are all very easily conned and insurance policy wording it very misleading, you read "we will get you home" you ashume you are covered but it did not say we will get your bike home

Singles / Re: The big boot
« on: 31 December, 2017, 17:34:48 »
yes sae 40 is available and a good choice L82 spark Plug

Singles / Re: B31 loose valve guide
« on: 03 September, 2017, 22:46:03 »
if the guide hole is worn there are no rules, I would say ream it to take out the least amount possible then have a guide made, you can buy a oversize guide but as you really need them reaming after fitting i would have it made it suit and reamed in situ letting the same person recut the seat to ensure its sqaure, this is not as expensive as it sounds

Singles / Re: B31 loose valve guide
« on: 01 September, 2017, 08:51:52 »
knurling is not a goot idea, you need the hole reamed round and a oversize guide made any competent engine reconditioner can do this , but be careful use BSA running clearences as these are prone to nipping up if machined to car clearences if your purse can stretch cylinder head shop in London

Singles / Re: BSA B33 sticky exhaust valve advise please
« on: 14 August, 2017, 20:43:30 »
this is a common fault caused by pattern parts, the new guides being made are not corretly Machined, if you look at the aizes BSA quoted the new guides are to small, get a guide made and fitted to the exact bsa size and check it after fitting, i seized a lot of these untill i got the correct reamer

The Star and Garter / Re: Nuts!
« on: 06 August, 2017, 19:47:21 »
Nookys nuts

Twins / Re: Small end problem
« on: 08 July, 2017, 23:17:28 »
people fit the bush then ream with a adjustable reamer MISTAKE ONE the they check it with the end of the gudgeon pin problem is the part of the pin never wears and then when they push the pin in there is play MISTAKE 2 , ALWAYS fit a new pin with new small ends and use a fixed reamer that way you know you have the size spot on

Singles / Re: C15 Charging system
« on: 24 June, 2017, 11:47:07 »
how many wires come from the Alternator and how do they conect to the rectifier, ?

The Star and Garter / Re: B31 Re-build - Paint?
« on: 04 June, 2017, 21:19:00 »
Dust with Etch or epoxy primer, leave 12 hours then 1k primer now dress your inperfections, get the primer perfect paint flat paint untill your happy with the finish, tac cloth and panel wipe bare steel, tak cloth between coats, buy quality Paint you get better coverage with good Paint so less chance of runs and read the maufectures instructions mix paint as manufectures spec

Singles / Re: B33 petrol tank
« on: 03 June, 2017, 09:06:39 »
Hi be very careful welding espicially with Mig or Stick, I gas weld or braze main reason being i can flash the tank first so i am in control also as it is so thin i prefer gas, Secondly a lot of people run with out these its your choice, but unfortionatley i am anti metric so i would cut off and fit the correct thread.
One of my main hates with wrong threads is trying to work on them, i have been to rallies all over europe and you often see people struggling becaise they have brought the wrong tools, with the correct threads and nuts everything you need will fit in your tool box plus more, I have done head gaskets in fields in Belgium with the contents of my tool box

Twins / rear full width hub
« on: 07 May, 2017, 12:50:23 »
Well got a problem with my full width hub B31, changed rear wheel bearings and now when i tighten it up the wheel goes tight, had the bearings in and out a few times they are in correctly and square, the wheel can be tightened but on the final Nip it goes tight, any ideas? me thinking shite bearings

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