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Singles / B31 crankshaft/ cushdrive woes
« on: 03 February, 2017, 14:13:26 »
I'm building a B31 from parts, I have a 2 lobe cushdrive but not the retaining nut/collar to screw it to my crankshaft. The problem is I've discovered that threads where it screws on, measure 11/16" on my crankshaft, whereas my pals crankshaft measure 3/4" (Draganfly list this size). Does anybody have any thoughts on why my crankshaft thread is a different size? It has the 66 610 casting stamp which I believe is normal, and it fits into the bearings and cases fine. Is there a smaller size retaining nut/collar?
I could look for a complete cushdrive but I'll still have o find a nut for the smaller crank thread whichever cushdrive I use.
All suggestions welcome.

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