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Thanks Andy . Now been advised that what I appear to have is a shooting star tank on a B31 based on the size of the badges being 4 inch dia which I have measured off the broken badge I have.

Help please Guys and Gals

I'm at the point of rebuilding my B31 where I need to source some new tank badges. The bike was registered very early 1958 and was originally in the green colour. The old tank badges from pre rebuild , which I've still got the broken parts of were dark green with the star in silver. I can't see any record of this combination. The parts list  shows P/N 65-8220 as being correct but that's a red badge with the 3 rifles and BSA  in Gold. As I've owned the remains of the bike since the early 70's it hasn't been bodged too badly over the years . I'm a bit baffled by this ?

As the bike is now black I'm likely to fit a red badge but it would like nicer with a silver background. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Singles / Re: B31 tyre sizes for a 1958 bike.
« on: 24 February, 2017, 23:05:13 »
Thanks for the help.

Singles / B31 tyre sizes for a 1958 bike.
« on: 24 February, 2017, 18:59:45 »
Good Evening All
I'm starting the put together phase of rebuilding my B31As I've now got the wheels and hubs back together I need some tyres. Any suggestions please on good tyres to fit and the correct sizes . The off coming are both 3.25 x 19 .

I'd looked at fitting Avons but the rear seems to be only available as 3.50-19 ( Avon AM7 Safety Mileage MK II ). The front as 3.25 x19 is readily available. as the AM6 speedmaster.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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