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Singles / Re: B40 forks
« on: 19 May, 2019, 16:33:28 »
A bit more informtion would help identify.

Is there a socket cap screw visible in the centre and at the bottom of the legs? If yes they could be from a C25 or a B44 from 1967.

Singles / Re: RECTIFIER
« on: 19 May, 2019, 16:31:00 »
You need a dynamo voltage regulator, not a rectifier.

A number of options on the market, lots of owners use the DVR2.

Twins / Re: BSA A10 magneto issue... no spark
« on: 17 May, 2019, 11:36:54 »
If using the points assembly with steel backplate make sure that the spring on the moving contact is not touching the cam ring, make sure the little backing spring is in its proper position and not displaced to one side. Both would earth the points and stop the mag sparking.

Does not apply to the brass points assembly.

Singles / Re: C15 Primary Chain Tensioner
« on: 17 May, 2019, 08:57:01 »
Not standard for the Star at that time (thinkit came for 1964 models) though many will have had one fitted.

Twins / Re: Bsa A10 1954 - weird sound while cranking
« on: 16 May, 2019, 19:54:46 »
If it is a swinging arm model remove the 3 x 5/16 inch diamter front chaincase screws and see if that stops the noise, if it does the screws are too long and are touching the crankshaft. Or the 2 internal bolts holding the chaincase to crankcase could be too long.

If your bike is swinging arm is the gearbox loose is the clutch properly fitted, same for engine sprocket, is the primary chain properly adjusted?

Valve touching piston?

The Star and Garter / Re: Brake Arms which way up ?
« on: 14 May, 2019, 19:07:31 »
The up pointing lever was longer and took a different return spring.

The service sheet below explains.

It was only for the twins not singles or triples as the other service sheets explain.

Singles / Re: b31 colour/chrome
« on: 13 May, 2019, 16:37:38 »
Usual colour scheme would be maroon with chrome panels.

Singles / Re: Petrol filler cap
« on: 10 May, 2019, 17:22:13 »
Replacing is easy, just push the new seal in, it is flexible.

This is what it looks like with the seal out.

Singles / Re: Registering a b50 from vin
« on: 10 May, 2019, 15:45:50 »
You could ask DVLA if it is already registered, whether they will tell you is a different matter.

If the bike was supplied to a UK dealer (most B50s were exported), you could, if they still exist, research the old pre DVLA records for the local area of the dealer to try to locate your bike but you would need to find the frame number linked to the registration number in the record and most records dont have frame numbers. It is a very long shot.

You can find the location of the surviving old records from the Kithead Trust;

If you want to register the bike you could apply for an age related plate. If DVLA find the bike is already on their records they will certainly tell you.

Singles / Re: Petrol filler cap
« on: 10 May, 2019, 15:29:21 »
It is a cork seal. Gently lever the old one out and carefully push the new one in.

Twins / Re: Gear selection.
« on: 09 May, 2019, 18:19:43 »
US service bulletins from 1964 may be of interest.

The model is what the factory record says the frame is from. That is what the Club dating evidence for DVLA will say and that is what you will need to put on the V55/5.

There should not really be a problem the the 441 engine fitted.

The Star and Garter / Re: MOT
« on: 09 May, 2019, 12:14:52 »
If you re tax the bike on line you find it gives you the option of ticking a box.

The most important thing is that the frame has a clearly stamped BSA frame number.

Twins / Re: What year is this ?
« on: 09 May, 2019, 09:51:43 »
What you have is a 1965 season USA model A65 Thunderbolt Rocket.

Catalogue page below. Not unusual to find some parts  have been changed over so many years.

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