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Bantam / Re: Bantam Frame History
« on: 29 April, 2022, 12:51:13 »
Definitely more a father son project than the cost although we have to b sensible and will try to stick to a budget.

Bantam / Bantam Frame History
« on: 28 April, 2022, 17:35:14 »
Hi there, I'm new to the club!

My son and I found an old frame in a historic dump near our home, after a discussion on its condition we thought we would take it home and see if the numbers are still there, my business is soda blasting so cleaning it down wasn't an issue, after googling where the numbers might be it wasn't long before the frame number came up. Our discussions have now started on about how great it would be to get it riding again, not financially viable we know but more of a father son project thing and saving the bike! The frame will need some work but is repairable. So my initial question is...from the frame number we have, are we able to find out any manufacturing history like dates, cc, model etc. just from googling a few things I think it may be a D1 and may be about 1953? The numbers start with BD2s and there are 5 more numbers starting with 11, not sure if I can put the whole number on here? I hope someone on here can point me in the right direction?? Many thanks   

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