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Twins / Re: Help Restoring Gold Flash
« on: 01 March, 2018, 18:32:51 »
I have a decent understanding on bike mechanics and a few mates that restore bikes in there spare time and are very skilled at it so we shall be inspecting the condition of the engine, stripping the carb, ultrasonically cleaning it before i make any attempt to start it. Will also have the dynamo sent off to be serviced. Something that would help also is a list of perishables like gaskets and seals that'll need changing and where is best to get them. I live near Winchester and should be going to Kempton on the 10th for the auto jumble.

Twins / Help Restoring Gold Flash
« on: 28 February, 2018, 22:18:07 »
Hi all
My name is Fred and Im 18. My Dad has recently given me his 1961 BSA A10 Gold Flash to get running. I have never worked on a bike that old and am not sure where to start and what needs doing. My goal, for now, is to get it to run and functioning properly before going crazy with full restoration as I am short on funds. What I know from speaking with my Dad is that in 1991 it was fully restored and original, the only exception being an engine rebuild by SRM. He then did A ball park figure of about 90,000 Miles on it, servicing and maintaining as he went. In 2001 my Dad put the Gold Flash away and hasn't ridden it since. The bike was perfectly running when it went away but has sat in a damp garage for 17 years. All I know for sure that needs doing is a split in the tank repairing and a new front brake (perhaps bonny twin leading?). Any advice and tips on what will need replacing and servicing to get it running would help massively!
Many Thanks

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