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Singles / Re: Help please
« on: 22 October, 2017, 21:02:03 »
Thank you for your reply JulianS

I guess it could have been supplied incorrectly to the BSAOC, I haven't seen the frame number for myself. I will ask to have a look myself and see if I can form an opinion.

The frame has been powder coated so might be difficult to read but I will ask the owner if he sent it to BSAOC prior to it being powder coated.

I'm afraid I am new to BSA's and at this juncture don't know what constitutes a correct BSA frame number format.

Thanks again JulianS.

Singles / Help please
« on: 22 October, 2017, 20:17:38 »
Hello everyone

Thanks in anticipation
I am looking at getting my first ever BSA and have the option to buy a B33.
The chap selling tells me the engine and frame number don't match and that the B33 is unregistered. He tells me he has a letter from the BSAOC stating that the frame number is not on their database and that it is probably a spare frame supplied to replace a damaged one. The fact he has this leads me to think he has explored registering it but has run into difficulties. He seems a really decent chap and has done a fantastic job of building it, I am just a little worried that it may not be possible to get an age related plate or any other kind of plate, or that it will be worth rather less than "a pucker one" making it a bit of a poor proposition.
Can anybody advise please?


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