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Singles / Re: Indian Tank for B33
« on: 27 April, 2021, 17:24:53 »
I've had tanks from India for my B31; C11G and C11 and they have all been fine- and certainly a lot cheaper than having the originals repaired, stripped and re-chromed. The last one- for the rigid C11 (the speedo in tank model)  came complete with petrol cap; petrol tap AND Speedo...all for just over 150...bargain !

The Star and Garter / Peters Classic Bike Parts
« on: 08 April, 2021, 20:06:08 »
You may already be aware but Peters Classic Parts in Holland will no longer ship to the UK- from their website....

"BREXIT. After 1-1-2021 no more shipping to the UK.
Customs and new VAT rules make this impossible.
You were nice customers, Sorry."

A real pity- they were a bit expensive but had a lot of difficult to find stuff

The Star and Garter / Mudguard Stays
« on: 23 February, 2021, 11:27:49 »
I need to fabricate some stays for my rigid C11- anybody know where I can source the ribbed bar to make them from ?

The Star and Garter / Re: Blocking unwanted fone No's
« on: 14 January, 2021, 20:39:10 »
Worth noting....  We were getting a frequent scam call from Arrmaazarn and I used 1572 number blocking...then for the next few hours I was getting calls every 15 minutes or so from people who I didn't know asking me why I had phoned them. BT finally sorted it out but it is clearly an automatic (and quite clever) 'scam reaction' to the 1572 blocking which takes your number and calls random people usually leaving a message to phone you

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 13 January, 2021, 20:22:33 »
Is the piston out the barrel?

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 13 January, 2021, 16:12:43 »
Beeny, bit worried here. How do you know the small end is knackered?

Cos I can waggle the piston- there's an appreciable amount of free movement up and down.

Update- checked the piston skirt clearance and its about 3thou- so this seems ok

Had a look at the valve springs.... outer is a tad under 48mm- should be 54.75 and the inner is a gnats under 40mm- should be 46mm.... according to the ....might not be the cause of the problem but it aint gonna help !

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 12 January, 2021, 18:19:36 »
Had a bit of a fiddle today....head back on minus pushrods.... very little compression... some 'whooshing' from the exhaust port.... head off again and torch up the valve ports- no light visible ... valves out just to double check and the - seals looks good....BUT... its now clear that the little end bush is b***g*ed and there is some lateral movement of the piston in the bore... so new bush on order..need to find my reamer...but what about the lateral play in piston...- is this a result of the b****d little end or are we talking a re-bore ? I'll check the piston skirt clearance tomorrow which should give a better idea......all good fun eh !!

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 10 January, 2021, 20:00:32 »
Are you sure its not a clutch issue? Some how cable too tight so the clutch is giving the feel of no compression. I am sure this is a dumb comment but thougt I would throw it out there. I had a similar feel to my bike after intalling new cable and the cable length was too short which meant the clutch was I guess bypassing the motor at kick over?
Interesting thought - but the engine is turning over

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 10 January, 2021, 19:58:52 »
Hi BeenyBoy,

As the bike was fine when put away it is possible that a valve was suck open a bit and during the removal of the head and barrel it sorted itself out.  As you have not found a problem with any parts then the best thing would be to put it all back together again.  Odds are it will be fine.

That was my first thought but the valves are operating

Singles / Re: B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 09 January, 2021, 11:48:59 »
Thanks guys
Will report back

Singles / B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 08 January, 2021, 19:09:51 »
1955 Plunger B31

The old girl has been stood for about 9 months at the back of the workshop and when I came to start it I found that there is very little compression and obviously won't go. I did a complete engine strip down and rebuild about a year ago and when she was put away she was absolutely fine.
My initial thought was that the exhaust valve had stuck- but this is free.
So.. I've stripped the head and barrel off and everything looks ok; piston ring gap is a tad over 12thou.
It hasn't wet sumped.
Any thoughts ?

Bantam / Re: My new project
« on: 26 August, 2020, 17:34:31 »
I've always found Draganfly very good and also they have great schematics for showing 'exploded' views for all major bits.
I've had bad experiences with Feked so I would avoid them.

Singles / Re: Snap connector tool
« on: 14 May, 2020, 19:40:45 »
No problem at all. All bits can be bought separately. Here's a picture of the insertion tool.

I wouldn't recommend this one- the ends bend after a couple of uses- go for one of these....

Bantam / Re: Stuck rotor
« on: 14 May, 2020, 19:33:21 »
I had the same issue and found that if you put the puller on and tighten as far as it will go and then just leave it 'stressed' for a couple of days it will release

Singles / Re: B31 exhaust pipe
« on: 04 March, 2020, 17:43:46 »
Same issue with the new Armours pipe on my plunger B31- I had to heat the bracket and put a slight twist in it to get it to line up with the mounting bolt

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