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Hi Mark
           No there is no cost for the inspection .I understand that you feel DVLA have not been much help to you but as far as I am cocerned they
were very good and did all they were ment to !!! As I said before the inspection was the last stage for me so hang in there .
P.S I have nothing to do with the DVLA

Hi there I have recently been through this with an old C11g that had been off the road for a long time old reg not on DVLA records.
Thanks to BSA owners club dating certificate & build sheet I applied for v55 all I had was dating info pictures of bike frame  & engine no. pictures rubbings
MOT exemption form my ID .DVLA asked for inspection so this was arranged man came out as promised looked over bike (I were not present )called me to check all parts we original went away aprox 2 weeks later have been issued age related plate well pleased thanks to dating officer

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