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Such a shame that their graphic designer doesn't do just a little bit of research & get a design out that's attractive & blimmin accurate!  :-\ :-[

Bantam / Re: Interested in a little Bantam.......
« on: 18 December, 2019, 14:11:29 »
Thanks Bess. Useful info.....might have to pop along to view...

Bantam / Interested in a little Bantam.......
« on: 18 December, 2019, 12:25:48 »
Hi All.

A Bantam virgin here in need of some very basic info please.... but not new to Beezers...I've got a B44 Victor Special.....

So whats a D10 (1966)? - 566 engine & frame number. Is it a 3 or 4 speed 175cc please? I spotted one for sale that looks in original condition & appears all there & I'm tempted.... Should I be - & for what sort of cash please!??!  ;D  Oh, & it hasn't run for a few years.........!

Cheers Don.

The Star and Garter / Re: Cleaning alloy castings
« on: 29 October, 2019, 11:58:53 »
Apparently....I haven't tried it..... but the salt in the tabs - if used - will make the castings go black so beware!  :o

I've had great success with Swarfega Oil & grease remover on ally cases. Bought originally to remove - ahem - oil marks from block paving. Works a blimmin treat! Brings out ingrained grime nicely scrubbed on neat. Rinse well though.....

Singles / Re: 441Victor tyres
« on: 11 October, 2019, 12:15:03 »
Hiya. If you can get them in your front wheel size go for Michelin Sirac. I have them fitted to my Victor Special fitted with a 21" front wheel & 18" back wheel & they look the part & give excellent on road grip. If you plan to do more off road there maybe better choices, but for me this fitted the bill well. Good luck....

The Star and Garter / Re: Lucas spade keys
« on: 04 September, 2019, 12:25:53 »
Here yer go DG.... This is what I used -

Specifically the double pole lock switch - SRL-5-K . Not expensive & ideal for my setup where I wanted to switch the ignition & lighting circuits at the same time. I turned up a neat alloy adaptor washer to fit the switch to the existing frame mounting hole as its smaller than the olde Lucas jobbie. 

Cheers Don.   

The Star and Garter / Re: Lucas spade keys
« on: 03 September, 2019, 10:21:59 »
When I wired my B44 with a custom made wiring loom I sourced a very nice keyed switch from RS Components that fitted the bill. Its probably worth a few minutes searching their site... good luck! Incidentally, I remember my old dad losing his spade key from his C15 so he always secured it on a length of string that wrapped around the petrol tap in case it dropped out! I do the same with mine, but just in a daft memory of him really as the key cant come out when switched on....

Singles / Re: Oil Leak?
« on: 28 May, 2019, 09:37:19 »
Hiya. My Victor Special used to create a light splattering behind the engine that I traced to the vapours coming out of the breather stub by the clutch cable abutment. I managed to get an appropriately sized bit of black PVC tube - pneumatic line from work, split the end so it fits the steel stub & secure with a small cable tie in a figure eight around the end of the clutch cable. It now directs any oil misting onto the drive sprocket. Sorted!  ;)  Good luck with yours!

Singles / Re: C15 Sealant
« on: 22 May, 2019, 11:15:08 »

I'm another fan of Threebond using it on my B44 crankcases with success. Like anything gloopy....Messy to use if you're not careful!  :o Clean up with Cellulose thinners.

« on: 20 May, 2019, 16:47:27 »

Here you go..... this is the wiring diagram for my bike as drawn by a friend from my pencil sketch. Hope it helps!

Cheers Don.

« on: 17 May, 2019, 12:08:59 »

As I had effectively a blank canvas with my bike I made a custom wiring loom & wired it negative earth to suit the components I was installing. I also didn't use the AC output from the Eletrexworld system for the lighting as per their suggestions as was installing a battery & ran it from that.

Hope that helps.

Cheers Don

Singles / Re: B44VS carby settings
« on: 07 May, 2019, 10:25:04 »
Hi Mike

With my B44 Victor Special it took me a while to nail the carburation - the biggest effect was changing the needle jet as it seems if only slightly worn can affect the running drastically - all other components & settings being in good shape of course. As for starting.... It's first kick with mine from cold...although it hates an audience - don't we all - & will sometimes let me down & need a couple more if we have gawpers later! I'm sure correctly timed electronic ignition helps along with the knack you develop. Good luck!  ;) 

Singles / Re: Registering a 441 Victor special
« on: 11 April, 2019, 16:12:04 »
Hi Silverfox. It really isn't a huge problem even if you've got no paperwork at all like I did for my Victor Special - coincidentally! All I had was a reciept from the seller. You apply to HMRC for the Nova certificate using their form, which takes a couple of weeks to come, I also enclosed a covering letter stating what I knew about when it was imported & by whom & how much I paid for it. Include a copy of the receipt. No duty was required to be paid by me. Then the application can be made to DVLA following the guidelines on this website for an age related number. Keep copies of everything you send em, including the dating certificate! Be meticulous & send them exactly what they need otherwise you'll be tooing & frowing - as others have had..... My application went very smoothly indeed it has to be said... Good luck!

Singles / Re: C15 SS Rev limit
« on: 25 September, 2018, 14:46:54 »
Whilst I admire your determination Mick in achieving good performance from your old Beezer, maybe, as others have said, its a few years old by now & probably past it's best - performance wise. If you like going fast, how about getting something more suitable that's gonna satisfy your need for speed & take it on a track away from the public in case it goes BANG in a big way!  :-[ Good luck!

« on: 12 September, 2018, 11:37:01 »
Hello Rob.

I've a B44 Victor Special that came to me with a simple electronic ignition only system, no alternator & no battery & fittings etc... As I wanted to run lights etc I opted to replace it with the Electrexworld kit of alternator / ignition kit that can charge a battery & provide AC for lighting. Bit pricey, but compared with everything else I'd need going a different route it works out cost effective in the end. The AC lighting output was feeble & I opted to run the lights from the small scooter battery I fitted, which is OK provided you don't try & run very high wattage lamps. I've converted all my lights now to LED which are manageable & bright! Good luck!!

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