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The Star and Garter / Gold Star - new.
« on: 16 May, 2022, 17:07:20 »
Seems to have gone a bit quiet on the new Goldy front - or have I missed something?

The Star and Garter / FLEABAY
« on: 24 February, 2022, 17:21:16 »
Whiling away a bit of my time yesterday I started browsing BSA spares on the aforementioned site - the amount of pages (@50 ads per) seemed endless, after about 20 pages (quite a few repeats) I began losing the will to live, however BSA riders are used to slow dogged progress and so I continued - after 60 pages, with many previously unseen ads I resolved to determine exactly how many pages of BSA paraphernalia comprised the thread. Having really lost interest in the content I started to jump 4 pages at a time, even so it became tedious and time consuming, I eventually reached 140 separate pages and there was no indication as to how many more pages there might be, I freely admit that at this point I conceded defeat and left the site! I suppose the logical approach would be to dial in the precise description of required part and, presumably be directed to the exact part needed. However, whilst trawling through the earlier ads I did happen to discover several BSA bits & pieces I that I could not do without despite originally merely window shopping. I spent almost £100 of hard earned!

The Star and Garter / Number plate - obtain original?
« on: 19 January, 2022, 12:39:29 »
I have owned a B31 for 5/6 years now and I have the original buff registration logbook, it was originally licensed in 1956 and the last entry appears to be 1973 all on the same owner residing at the same address, (Victoria Rd, Margate) Problem being that at some point subsequent to this the reg of the machine changed presumably at a point of sale and my bike now has the correct engine No and frame No as detailed in the original logbook but now referenced to a different reg No. Is there any way of the machine reverting to it's original number?

Singles / B33 Revs
« on: 16 May, 2021, 11:44:48 »
Could anyone tell me what the standard B33 should rev to, that is to say when it is travelling at its maximum speed, reputed to be
80mph according to period road tests.

The Star and Garter / Reg No Conundrum
« on: 10 May, 2021, 10:05:57 »
My 1956 350, which I've had about 5 years does not have its original reg No. However I have the original reg document and I know from it that it was originally XKO609. It was owned until at least 1966 by the original owner at which time the original reg doc was cancelled, presumably with advent of the new type log books. My problem is I cannot (through ignorance) discover if the original reg number is currently in use. I am aware that there are sites on the net which have this info I just have no idea how to access them. Any help appreciated. The first owner was Norman Charles Cowell from Margate, Kent.

Singles / 5 speed Gearboxes - B series.
« on: 07 May, 2021, 10:11:06 »
Does anyone manufacture a 5 speed gearbox which can be installed into a B series machine. If so, any idea as to approximate cost & any feedback as to whether, given to torque characteristics of the singles, it is a worthwhile proposal?

Singles / FLAT OUT
« on: 25 April, 2021, 12:48:20 »
Started out for a ride this morning, within 2 miles the rear tyre was punctured big time! The bike started first time, the weather was lovely and I had a tankful of ethanol free petrol - I should have known!

« on: 21 April, 2021, 12:57:18 »
Having successfully removed the forks from my B33, I noticed that one spring appears longer than the other - This cannot be correct and I wonder if anyone could explain the phenomena. I believe the forks are from a B44 inasmuch as they are attached to the top nuts via a metal shaft and a locknut. On another tack (and possibly related) one side, the side with less spring apparent had no oil in it as far as I could ascertain whereas the opposite side unit had plenty of oil!

The Star and Garter / TILE WE MEET AGAIN
« on: 07 April, 2021, 10:01:29 »
Half way through brake conversion the tiler rings up because he has a space... All well & good but my bike was minus forks & wheel balancing on a block of wood under the engine - virtually unmovable! Jacked it up to max on the ramp & attached it to the roof via the bolts I fitted prior to plastering the ceiling, they are bolted into a 4" steel box section resting on the piers - Ideal¬ Thought someone might be interested given how little there is in the way of distraction just now.

Singles / Fork removal
« on: 16 March, 2021, 18:39:07 »
Following instructions in the BSA service sheets to the letter I have come to an emphatic halt. I removed the mudguards, disconnected brake apparatus & wheel (The QD type with a single pinch bolt and left handed axle thread). I then removed the pinch bolts at the higher end of the forks, just below the light assembly, undid the two large chrome nuts at the top of the forks expecting to see a long spring, but instead a metal shaft with a nut underneath the chrome gizmo which disappears down the fork tube & although there is some vertical movement on the shaft they won't come out? Help!

The Star and Garter / Ethanol revisited
« on: 12 March, 2021, 08:13:27 »
The latest communication from the ministry of Transport informs interested parties that E10 will continue to be available for another 5 years when the policy will be reviewed taking into consideration changing trends - V good! Interestingly it also states that as things presently stand it is possible to purchase E5 from a major unnamed distributor (Supermarket chain?) and that some products described as E5 may have well under the 5% level of Ethanol present! My question would be does anyone know which fuel nominated as E5 actually has less than 5% or no Ethanol. Apparently the E5 label effectively translates as "up to 5%"!

« on: 02 September, 2020, 05:41:21 »
Had a puncture whilst on a ride out last Sunday, just as the heavens opened up. Surprised to note that my rear tyre had 2004 stamped on it. I don't think the age was the cause of the problem as the tyre looked to all intents and purposes to be brand new, but I am resolved to renew the tyre rather than have it repaired.Ideally I would prefer a tyre with a rounder profile, the existing one is fairly square, it is a 19 x 350, could anyone recommend a tyre with a more modern (rounded) profile and is anyone aware of whether it would be possible to increase the width slightly... perhaps 375 or 400? It is a B33.

The Star and Garter / Ethanol...again.
« on: 22 August, 2020, 17:34:37 »
I am aware that there is a plethora of historical correspondence relating to Ethanol, but I would be interested if anyone has experience of a gadget described by the Spitfire Motoring Range as the "Fuel Diamond"? It costs very little and claims to neutralise the harmful effects of E5, E10 and E 15 additives. It lasts 5 years and is suitable for a wide range of applications. It must be very difficult to monitor the performance of such a gadget and thereby make a decision as to the veracity of the claims made by the vendors.

Singles / B Series rear sprocket.
« on: 18 August, 2020, 12:03:10 »
I am contemplating (amongst many other things) changing the ratio of the final drive on my B33. This intention is somewhat hindered by the fact that the bike is a committed bitsa and I am experiencing difficulty deciding which sprocket is suitable. Unlike my 56 B31 which appears competely original, my B33 is the opposite. The existing sprocket has the brake drum operated by a rod that is on the left of the bike (Unlike the 350) and appears to have a series of nuts around the periphery of the drum in close proximity to the teeth of the sprocket. The diagrams in the 'Spares' books I have (B group 58-60 & 1954/7) only appear to have holes more or less in the middle of the drum and there are either 4 holes (58/60) or 6 (54/57) My frame is a 58 but the rear wheel is not full width as per the relevant info. The sprockets I have looked at appear to have the teeth integral with the drum, not bolted, they are described as being suitable for the swinging arm models but I have 2 swinging arm models and they are completely different to each other. The front wheel ass is actually Gold Star and has the 8" brake, could the rear wheels be similar? Helpappreciated...

Singles / AMAL 376/1716
« on: 10 August, 2020, 16:12:40 »
I am poised to commence a carb swap on the B33. Only one minor detail is preventing the inaugeral spanner work... I don't have a clue of what to expect or, indeed, how the existing cables disconnect/connect and what other hazards I may encounter. I have trawled Amazon & fleabay as well as motorcycle orientated booksellers and specialist dealers...There does not appear to be a 'Carburettor Bible' in existence. If anyone has knowledge of such a booklet please share your knowledge with me.

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