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The Star and Garter / Mike Farmer
« on: 23 May, 2024, 19:42:43 »
saw this today and thought of you  ;D

its a facebook link . not sure if you can see it

not sure if this is any good

The Star and Garter / 2nd post
« on: 13 July, 2023, 09:02:36 »
Hi Guys
I have recently returned to the British bike fold  :)
I will probably get vilified for this but I have Just bought a Tribsa
which consists of an A65 frame with a Nova and a Triumph all ally
motor tiger 100 motor. nobbly tyres, ally wheels, all in boxes  ;D
obviously trying to register the frame
and attempt to build the bike up.
I may be accepted here or directed elsewhere  ;D I don't know
and at 65 with a dodgy left knee I'm wondering why I bought a bike with
a kickstart again  ;D

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