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Twins / oil Return
« on: 13 January, 2022, 17:23:14 »
Hello all

Well I just started my BSA RGS up Today since last sept after getting knocked off my other bike on the way back home from a bike show, well she started ok but I kept the oil cap off and had her running for about 2 mins and No oil was retuning to the tank, it is fitted with a SRM oil pump so any ideas what it is.

Cheers Mo

Twins / HEPOLITE 8.5:1 +40 PISTONS
« on: 29 June, 2021, 22:06:16 »

has anyone got a set or know where you can Buy a set of HEPOLITE 8.5:1 +40 PISTONS as cant seem to find any ?

as the pistons that are in it I have been told are no good i have been told  :-\



Twins / metallic knocking sound
« on: 20 June, 2021, 23:58:38 »
well the other day I was coming back from a ride on my RGS when it gets to about 65 mph there is a banging rattling sound
turned off on to a miner road and keep it at about 40 mph to get me back home but as soon as I open up to 60 - 65 it cam back....did not sound good at all..... so just striped the primary side down can`t find anything wrong there so took the timing side off as I just had my Dynamo sorted so wondered if I done something wrong in there.....but No everything is fine.

so any suggestions as to what it could be please as I still have it striped down ....... just hope its not an engine out Job.

Cheers Mo     

Twins / electric out put seems High
« on: 28 April, 2021, 00:08:17 »

went out today for a ride on my RGS rep and around to and county roads it was fine
but when I was on the main dual carriage way the AMP gauge was as far over to the plus
side as it would go, soon as I come off to the county roads it drops done again, it is fitted
with an elec box but how do I find out how to check that its all ok as I dont want to cook
over my battery .....but as I say looking at that AMP gauge as far over + as it can go do worry
me a Bit, Any idea's.

Cheers Mo

oh round the cuunrty roads was about 50 mph and the open road was about 75 to 75 mph     

Twins / 4" round tank badge
« on: 07 March, 2021, 23:31:56 »

do anyone know where is the best place to get 4" round tank badge as I really only want one and I seem to have seen ones sold as a pair like eBay and such like, also the ones I have seen for sale are more of a silver than gold where my old ones are a right gold color, just one of mine just cracked right across so only wanted a good one of them :-[

cheers Mo

Twins / Rocker box stud thread what hell coil do I need to get
« on: 04 February, 2021, 23:35:52 »
Hell, My Rocker box stud thread has just stripped out in the rocker box and wondered what hellicoil do I need to get and where as while I will be getting that off I might see about the other ones if needed ..... oh RGS rep.

Cheers Mo

Twins / Fork gatters
« on: 18 November, 2020, 23:36:34 »

I want to change my fork sleeves from the metal ones to rubber gatters but how will the gatters hold underneath the bottom Yolk as the spring will be there or is there some sort of sleeve that go`s there if so where would i get some from, any help would be great.



Twins / Knock and banging sounds
« on: 30 June, 2020, 22:03:31 »
Hi all

Well need some help with a problem, coming back from a ride out yesterday when I could here a banging sound which sound just like little ends ..ok well a Knocking sound at least... but I have had this before ...the sound I mean.... and I think it is the left hand header pipe keeps pushing it`s way out of the head as if I pull on the pipe I can make it move in and out of the Head.....I will just say that this is Not the first time this has gone like that as it must be the forth time I have taken it out and used different Methods like silicon and a holts Exhaust paste but it always seem to push that pipe out and give me that sound, and yes it is the left pipe which then cross over to the right as they are the Siamese pipe`s and the right one has never came out, oh the left is such a sharp bend where it comes across to then go into the head making it hard to fit the decorative Flange as it seems such a sharp bend oh I was told that the pipes came from  Armous..... Pipe BSA A10 Siamese - Swing Arm Models...has anyone had the same problem with them keep coming out of the head... or know of how to stop this happening ....or Know where the best place to get a new set without such a sharp bend on them any help would much be Appreciated.

Thanks Maurice

Twins / Dynamo leak on RGS-R
« on: 28 February, 2020, 00:41:19 »
Hi has anyone got a clue of how to stop oil/grease coming out the Dynamo cork gasket..... I have fitted a SRM Belt drive
so it has No chain now and they recommend that you fill most of the case where the belt run with Grease now I have had the case both inner and outer off and done what they say but as soon as I have started the bike up do it run out with the grease, so is they anyway or anything I am doing wrong I pushed the Dynamo as hard up against the back of the case where the cork gasket is and then done up the clamp but it still leaks out from behind the Dynamo its driving me crazy.......just need some help please.

Thanks in advance..


Which BSA do you ride? / 1962 Bsa rocket gold star Rep
« on: 29 October, 2019, 18:46:40 »
Hi this is My 1962 rocket Gold star rep but as far as I know it has all the right gear as the RGS has, the oil tank decal I have changed at that was wrong should be above the centre Decal which it now is. and there is some more bits I have changed which are Not in the picture but I am learning as this is the first Bsa I have owned so it is an on going project and a lovely Bike to Ride.   

Twins / Gearbox Whine
« on: 30 September, 2019, 00:37:14 »
Hi everyone I am new on here as well as to BSA`s so please bear with me as to my questions I have regarding my ride, first off I have had a look at the forums and found out a lot about how to do things on here and that has been well helpful, I have a rep Rgs and was told it has been built from the ground up......and yes it has but I went out on my first ride and had all sorts of problems oil coming out all over the clutch side of the bike and all underneath so I have had the inner and out primary side off 4 times...... now found out that it was chucking oil out of the breather ( told you I was new to BSA`s ) but I have fixed all that now... by the way it had only done 2 miles on the road since 2003 its done 130 miles but it was meant to have a gearbox overhaul as well as everything else done,,,,but in second gear there is a slight whine and in third there is a really loud whine, now in first and top it is fine, the problem is I am going to wait to strip the gearbox down over winter but was wondering where to get parts like bush's gears etc from as cant seem to find anywhere to go for things like that so if you know where I can get them please tell me as I am at a loss with that one, also if you might know where the most likely thing that is coursing the whine, and just to say I tried using EP90 oil then was told to use GP50 oil and well both did not make any difference at all so I dont think it`s got anything to do with oil as it is so loud more so in the 3 gear.........anyway your help will be most appreciated and I look forward for your help.... Thanks Mo             

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