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Singles / M33 Oil tank breather.
« on: 24 March, 2024, 20:24:44 »
Recently I've replaced the semi home-made battery carrier on the M33 for a replica one from Draganfly. However, during the fitting process I noticed a pipe pointing downward from the base of the oil tank toward the top of the gearbox. I'd not noticed this before. Having consulted the words of wisdom I see this referred to as "pressure release pipe" which makes me think it's a breather. My parts book suggests there should be a rubber pipe fitted to this then a rigid but bent tube leading off somewhere to be clipped to the frame.

My questions are, where does this open pipe exit? Does it still point down? What I intend to do is to pop some flexible pipe onto the bare stub and run it roughly to where it should end up.

It may be that I've found the mysterious intermittent oil leak which I thought was coming from the gearbox. Possibly not.

Singles / Rubbing on inside of primary drive case.
« on: 20 March, 2021, 17:52:46 »
I removed the primary chain cover from my M33 plunger today and noticed that the end of the crankshaft has been contacting the case as has the big peg nut that holds the cush drive. Last time the cover was off I changed the cork gasket for a new one which is about 3mm thick. Is this right or should it be more substantial?

I cleaned up the case and stuck some masking tape on the damaged area, ran the bike and checked inside. The tape had been cut by the crankshaft. I've examined the case and it hasn't taken a knock.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Singles / Replacing B33/M33 timing cover.
« on: 09 March, 2020, 17:47:22 »
I've spent a bit of time this weekend looking at the oily bits of my 1954 plunger-framed M33 to see if I could reduce its sieve like qualities.

I had thought the timing cover gasket might not be oil tight so ordered a replacement and removed the cover. On cleaning it up I noticed these cracks on the inside.

I inspected the outside and found a corresponding dent and a small crack above it.

I filled the timing cover with WD40 and within a couple of minutes it had found its way through to the outside.

When I went back through my pre-dismantling photos I found this one showing a drip starting from a point in the timing cover. I hadn't noticed it before but it's also close to the area of cracks found on the inside.

I could try welding up the affected area but will probably get a replacement cover.

So, finally getting round to my question; I can see there are a couple of oil seals in the cover for the ends of the cams. Should there also be some sort of seal around the spigot mounted to the cover which goes into the crank nut? Do you have any other words of wisdom?

Singles / M group oil filter fittings
« on: 24 February, 2019, 20:53:29 »
Last week I changed the various oils in my new-to-me 1954 M33 and found that there isn't an engine oil filter in the tank. I can get hold of a filter element but haven't been able to track down the fitting to hold it in place. Anyone know of a source or even have one gathering dust?

Singles / M33. My first British bike after all these years.
« on: 13 February, 2019, 20:29:31 »
Well everyone Ďtis my first post. After riding for something like 45 years Iíve finally bought my first British bike. When I started riding, Japanese 2-strokes were all the rage and since the late Ď70s Iíve ridden Moto Guzzis almost exclusively. I decided that, if I was to try the Brit bike experience Iíd better get on with it ended up buying a 1954 plunger-framed M33. In the few weeks since it took up residence in my garage with my two Ď70s Guzzis, I've been able to get the starting technique right but only managed one short ride out due to the weather and salt. It wasnít totally frightening and I was actually impressed with how nippy it was up to the 55mph mark. The brakes are also plenty good enough. From a riding point of view the worst thing was the lack of a mirror to see what is bearing down on me but that can easily be sorted.

The bike isnít original. A previous owner has written B33 on the number plates but it's definitely an M33. I think the fuel tank is from a different BSA but all the mounting bolts line up. For some reason itís been fitted with a 21 inch front rim. It canít be described as oil-tight but Iíve seen worse.

There are a few things that Iíll have to do fairly quickly besides fitting a mirror. Iíll fit a side stand and will need a luggage carrier (behind its single saddle) and I need to get the horn working.

Here comes the question and itís the dreaded engine oil one. I intend to use a 20W50 but should it be low-detergent type like I use in the Guzzis, which have wet sump engines with only a gauze strainer and no proper oil filter, or should it be something else? Does it even matter?

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