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Singles / C11g 1953 fast idling issue help needed plz
« on: 21 January, 2018, 14:20:12 »
Hi all,
I am a new comer to the world of the BSA, I have bought a 250cc c11g 1953, the bike was my late uncles and he never got chance to ride it as he died not long after buying it.  The bike bike looks to be fully restored but has been Sat for about 2 years.  I have had the carburettor off as it was not starting very well, I have bought an Amal repair kit and fitted it.  The issue I now have is when I start the bike it seems to idle very fast and when I open the throttle it bogs down.  I have tried altering the screws on the side of the carburettor but it seems to make no difference.  Please any advice would be much appreciated.

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