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Pre War / 350cc Blue Star clutch woes
« on: 27 April, 2018, 22:30:21 »
My 32 Blue Star came to me in many pieces. Included was a box of clutch parts, containing bits from more than one bike. I have sorted most of the parts for the BS clutch,
and I think I'm almost there, but I am stumped by the fact that according to the parts book I need 6 fibre plates, 2 metal driven plates, and 2 metal driving plates. It seems to me that 5 fibre plates would be the correct number, but this formula persisted in later parts books. Can anyone offer guidance on the 6th plate, or am I missing something again?  The only diagram I can find of a complete clutch is for the Empire Star in the 1936 parts book (p147), and calls for 8 fibre, 3 driven, and 4 driving, for a total of 7 metal plates and 8 fibre, which looks right, with the sliding plate on top of the 8th. fibre plate. Does a drawing of the BS clutch exist?
Also, in said box, I have two sliding plates with 4 studs and a recessed centre for the spring, but the recess is deeper on one than the other, any idea of the correct depth?

Thanks, Les

Pre War / Blue Star rocker lubrication
« on: 21 March, 2018, 20:39:14 »
Weathers warming up a bit here in the great white north, so starting to get interested in reassembling the engine of my 1932 350 Blue Star project. Crank was almost a write off, but it's back from the engineers now, and so I started work on the head. Guides, springs and Valves all totally shot, but I've ordered replacements, courtesy of Dragenfly, so no worries there, but  the condition of the valve gear was awfull. The tips of the rocker arms were worn away, along with the top of the valve stems too, so I have had the rocker tips welded with stellite, but since they were so bad, (and so also is a spare rocker assembly I have) that this seems to be a problem area. How do the rockers receive lurication? Other than squirting oil directly on the rocker tips every time I use it, I can't see how they get lubricated, and quiite obviously, from the state mine were in, they weren't getting any oil at all. I do have grease points for the rocker shafts of course. Anybody got any wisdom on this?
As a seperate issue, I'm planning a trip to the UK sometime between now and September, can anyone suggest the best swap meets for British parts?

  All advice appreciated, Les

Pre War / Blue Star brake pedal
« on: 08 February, 2018, 19:03:54 »
I need a rear brake pedal for a 1932 Blue Star, right side with linked brakes. I have had zero luck finding one, but I do have a pedal I think I could re-fabricate if I had a better idea what it should look like. In all the pictures I see online, the axis portion is obscured by the footrest. Does anyone have one off their bike they could photograph for me, or even a close up of the one on their bike? The Sloper is almost identical, and will do just as well.


Pre War / Panel light needed
« on: 23 December, 2017, 14:54:31 »
I've given up on ever finding an original brass DC40 tank panel light. I know they were being re-popped at one time though, does anyone know if they are still available, and from where? I know the later bakelite repops are available on Ebay, but I'd prefer brass.


Pre War / 1932 Blue Star
« on: 13 December, 2017, 14:09:34 »
I recently acquired a 1932 Blue Star 350cc, hand change, damaged, in pieces, and not surprisingly, missing many of said pieces. I have lots of questions, but the one most pressing is the location of the rear brake pedal. Mine's missing, and It seems pedal could be  fitted to  left or right side. Does anyone know what determines the side to be used? To be clear, I have nothing of the brake setup to give any clues, no crossover shaft etc.

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