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Singles / Oval throttle valve C15
« on: 08 December, 2017, 16:14:38 »
I've just stripped my carburettor down on my 1961 C15 and noticed that there is play between the throttle valve and carburettor body, upon further inspection I've measured the throttle valve and it is oval I'm guessing due to wear, there is also a score in the carburettor body, do I need to replace the carburettor or will it still be ok to reassemble and use?
Any advice appreciated.

Singles / C15 No Spark
« on: 17 November, 2017, 15:53:12 »
Hi I have a 1961 C15 which hasn't started for over 30 years, I have purchased a new battery,coil,points,condenser, HT lead, and spark plug. I have taken a wire from the - on the battery to the - on the coil and also from the + on the coil to the points, I've also cleaned up the earth connections and taken an earth wire from the engine to the frame but when I kick the bike over I still get no spark, I don't know what else I can do as I've bypassed everything, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,thanks

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