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Twins / bsa A65 mudguards
« on: 15 January, 2019, 19:06:44 »
I've got a 1967 Spitfire and both mudguards don't follow the profile of the wheels. They look like they are for bigger wheels and it's not a good look. I've seen quite a few photo's of various A65's with a similar look which I think might be down to pattern mudguards. Where should I look to buy mudguards that fit properly??

The Star and Garter / Tab classics fuel tanks
« on: 09 January, 2018, 15:49:08 »
Trying to find a 67 5 gallon Spitfire tank whilst avoiding the indian made ones and came across Tab Classics. Their workmanship looks really good. Can anybody recommend them?


Twins / Is this the right tank for a 67 Spitfire?
« on: 07 November, 2017, 21:09:03 »
I have the part number but not the knowledge or experience with BSA's. After searching the planet for a tank, i'm gonna have to take a punt on India. This one looks fairly decent given the seller feedback: Is this the right tank for a 67 Spitfire?

Twins / A65 fuel tanks
« on: 06 November, 2017, 15:55:33 »
My recent purchase of a 67 Spitfire came with the wrong fuel tank. I need to sell this tank and buy the proper tank so I have a couple of questions. Can somebody tell me what the tank I have fits?

Also, Ive researched the proper 4/5 gallon tanks but I notice most are from India with very mixed reviews. As I can't weld I'm reluctant to buy from India. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


The Star and Garter / Short intro.
« on: 23 October, 2017, 18:41:00 »
Just a short note to introduce myself to the forum and owners club. I've just bought a part restored 1967 Spitfire in boxes (apart from the rolling chassis) on eBay. Probably paid too much in hindsight but it was exactly what I was looking for.......ho hum. I have only ever restored Japanese bikes so this is all new to me but I will try do the proper research and not to ask too many silly questions ::)


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