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The Star and Garter / Peters Classic Bike Parts
« on: 08 April, 2021, 20:06:08 »
You may already be aware but Peters Classic Parts in Holland will no longer ship to the UK- from their website....

"BREXIT. After 1-1-2021 no more shipping to the UK.
Customs and new VAT rules make this impossible.
You were nice customers, Sorry."

A real pity- they were a bit expensive but had a lot of difficult to find stuff

The Star and Garter / Mudguard Stays
« on: 23 February, 2021, 11:27:49 »
I need to fabricate some stays for my rigid C11- anybody know where I can source the ribbed bar to make them from ?

Singles / B31 Lack of Compression
« on: 08 January, 2021, 19:09:51 »
1955 Plunger B31

The old girl has been stood for about 9 months at the back of the workshop and when I came to start it I found that there is very little compression and obviously won't go. I did a complete engine strip down and rebuild about a year ago and when she was put away she was absolutely fine.
My initial thought was that the exhaust valve had stuck- but this is free.
So.. I've stripped the head and barrel off and everything looks ok; piston ring gap is a tad over 12thou.
It hasn't wet sumped.
Any thoughts ?

The Star and Garter / Finished C11g
« on: 18 January, 2020, 14:05:08 »
Here you go..... my 1954 C11G is up and running after a total rebuild and refurb.

Now I know there are a lot of you that will be critical of the non- original bits- stainless fasteners and such but frankly I'd rather it looks nice and shiney than "original". I don't subscribe to the "lovely patina" school of thought- ...patina is just rust isn't it ! and I don't like it...but if you do- or are happy with.. then fair enough. Anyhoo...thought you be interested in the finished article.... compared to how she was when I got her.
She started 3 kick after spluttering on the first 2- and runs reasonably well- not bad after around 40 years in a shed- needs a little bit of fettling to run properly but pleased so far.

The Star and Garter / A word of warning.....
« on: 21 November, 2019, 16:29:45 »
If you're looking for a new Lucas PRS8 Ignition/Lighting switch DO NOT buy from this site....

its a scam...they will take your credit card details and stick you for a hundred quid and you wont get a switch either !!

Singles / Control Cable
« on: 05 November, 2019, 19:50:49 »
1954 C11G Plunger


I'm trying to get hold of a front brake cable but they seem to be a rare as RHS and/or priced just short of needing a new mortgage... anybody know who's got any at less than about 30 !

Also need a throttle and air slide cable- again they seem to be impossible to get for the 274 remote float carb...any ideas welcome...

The Star and Garter / A strange one......
« on: 17 October, 2019, 19:57:50 »
Having been away for a while I thought it time I gave the old B31 a bit of a run....but it wouldn't start..spitting back through the other signs of suspected an ignition issue...plug out...loverly fat spark... mmm...might be the timing....rough check.... seems ok but lets check it properly...first make sure we're on the compression with the tappet cover....and....lo and behold the exhaust push rod is hanging free..!!! what the ***** ! never come across this can it happen ???...the bike was running fine a few weeks ago....gremlins ??...evil fairies....??? .....anyhooo... persuaded the rod back in place ...checked the tappets and she started first prod..... strange innit ?

The Star and Garter / V5 Registration
« on: 16 September, 2019, 21:11:57 »

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find a post on it....A little advice please....I've just acquired a new project which has been off the road for some time and is not on a SORN as there is no V5 document; I only have the old original (green) log book- so essentially it is not registered with DVLA.

Trawling through the DVLA web site is (to me anyway) a little confusing ...I wonder could someone give me an idiots guide to obtaining the V5


Singles / Any idea where this goes ?
« on: 26 July, 2019, 17:52:53 »
1954 C11G Plunger

Rebuilding the rear hub and this was in the box of bits- It doesn't seem to fit anywhere- is it just a random piece of tube ? or does it have an important function. The inside is neatly beveled at each end.

Thoughts please.....

The Star and Garter / A word to the wise.......
« on: 31 May, 2019, 13:25:16 »
Just a word of warning regarding bits purchased from India.....

I ordered a new Lycette saddle for my C11 which duly arrived and is nicely made- no concerns about the quality....however.....

The price was 40 including delivery which I thought very fair - until I received a bill from Fedex today for 56-23 !!!!!!!!!!!!! for Duty and Tax

I am not impressed ! just be aware guys

 >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Singles / B31 Front Wheel
« on: 10 April, 2019, 14:58:39 »
B31 Plunger Front Hub 7" brake

Hi Guys

I think I'm losing the plot here so a bit of advice would be most welcome.......

Putting the hub back together as per the worksheet (212a) and all is fine and dandy until I tighten the spindle nuts then the spindle locks solid....I'm sure I'm missing simple....any thoughts ????

 :'( :'(

Singles / B31 Clutch Pushrod
« on: 29 March, 2019, 10:34:29 »
B31 Plunger with M series gearbox

Should there be a ball at the adjuster end of the clutch push rod. ?

According to service sheet 310 there should, but it is not listed on the Draganfly schematic parts list.

I dont remember seeing one when I stripped it down although there does look like a dimple in one end of the rod..


The Star and Garter / Irritating Oil Leak
« on: 19 March, 2019, 19:46:59 »
I had one of those irritating little oil leaks from the outer casing joint on my B31- M series box; and try as I might I could not stop it completely- then I had a lightbulb moment and a solution came winging back to me from the dim and distance.....back when Gods dog was a puppy.. I had a Velocette Viper which would spew oil from the rocker cover despite my best efforts to stop it and then I read somewhere- or perhaps somebody told me- cant remember- how to stop it...(other than not putting any oil in it of course !) you've come across this before but its worth repeating...
Get the part good and hot..wipe any oil from the joint and then run a SMALL amount of standard 2 part Araldite along the joint- this will melt and run into the joint  and seal it. You don't need much and its important that there is some oil present- otherwise it might stick the cases together.
Works for me !

The Star and Garter / Seeking my old A10
« on: 24 January, 2019, 15:56:29 »
Anyone know the whereabouts of my old A10 - reg PJV 786 ?

Singles / C11G Timing side crankshaft pinion
« on: 04 January, 2019, 16:03:39 »
I little advice please-

Started a rebuild of a C11G and according to Service Sheet 141- ' push the small pinion onto the mainshaft, tighten the nut and bend over the tab washer'

After tightening down the nut the tab washer is loose between the nut an the front of the pinion and will therefore would not function as a locking system- should there be another washer to take up this 'slack' ?


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