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The Star and Garter / Any Fertan or Tapox users out there?
« on: 18 November, 2017, 19:11:48 »
I've been cleaning the tank of my AJS M31DL of its surfeit of decaying Petseal over the last few weeks - there was a 1/2 inch thick slab of the damn stuff in the bottom of the tank  :evil: which took nearly 3 weeks of attack by Sealeater to make it let go its hold from around the tank front mounting.
Previously I have used Tank Care products - good at stripping out Petseal and clearing any rust etc, but very temperature dependent when it comes to applying the final coating. After doing the Matchless G80 tank about 3 years ago I didn't bother using the 2nd kit I bought - it's still on the shelf.
I've used POR15 on several other tanks which has been very effective and easy to apply. I use a combination of caustic soda then phosphoric acid to clean and de-rust the tanks prior to the final coating and have had excellent results.
For this tank I thought I'd give Tapox a go as it gets good reviews and I was able to pick up enough to do two 4 gallon tanks for about the same price as one tin of POR15.
The instructions recommended the use of Fertan to treat any rust so I thought 'In for a penny etc' and got some. All went well until it came to rinsing the tank out after 24hrs. Rather than having a nice treated surface I found that the tank was left coated in a fairly dense, and poorly adhering black deposit of excess Fertan. The coating dislodges very easily with a gentle prod but won't rinse off. As a result I really don't feel inclined to put Tapox on top of it as it seems destined to fail.
Ive tried the helpline and the chap suggested filling the tank with hot water and letting it stand for about 5 hours - next to no effect  :(
Has anyone else had the same issue and found a way of removing the fertan? I'm still waiting for a reply from the importers.


The Star and Garter / Ebay scammer delves into pre-war BSAs
« on: 08 September, 2017, 19:27:20 »
Last weekend an ad appeared on ebay for a very nice looking 1939 BSA B24 Silver Star. There were several photographs of the machine along with a detailed and very fair description. The seller had no feedback but provided an email address which I noted. There was no indication of the whereabouts of the bike and the price was a rather low 4500 or thereabouts.
Intereste piqued, I emailed the seller to ask for it's whereabouts for a potential viewing. I duly got a reply indicating that the bike, which had belonged to his late father, he having died 3 months ago - was in Inverness - conveniently far enough away from most of the population - but it could be available for 3750 and the cost of a courier to my door  ::)
I again asked about viewing and received this reply

Hi again, I have relocated to Berlin due to work commitments and viewing won't be an option. I suggest going through PayPal for your peace of mind. As for payment we will use PayPal's - Pay After Delivery payment facility which offers the buyer 14 days for the bike to be delivered/inspected before any funds are released to me. Regarding delivery someone will collect the bike and will transport it safely to your location. (I will mail the access keys to the delivery guy once we've sorted through PayPal).
Please read the PayPal (Pay after delivery) terms by clicking on the link below:
This purchase protection guarantees that the bike is exactly as I have described it; in other words, once you've paid through PayPal - PAD, you will have the chance to inspect it as i won't get paid by PayPal before delivery. I will get paid only after you confirm that you have received the bike in good order as described.
Let me know if you want to go ahead as I still have quite a few more offers from potential buyers. If you do want to go ahead please confirm your PayPal email and address along with your daily contact number.

The original ad was removed by ebay within an hour along with another one for a similar machine. A little googling revealed that this machine was sold on ebay in January 2016 by a reputable seller. The same photographs had been used in the latest scam along with the description word for word. I would add that the bike was, quite rightly, sold then for considerably more. I shall not post the reg number or any of the photographs here as it may well belong to a forum member. Should the owner read this and recognise the BSA, then I would be happy to fill them in with more details.
The name and email address used by this low-life was John M. Chester
Be warned, folks, we seem to have moved on from being Nigerian Princes now  ;)


Singles / Magdyno fibre drive gear - noisy?
« on: 26 August, 2017, 12:19:03 »
Both my B31 and Ariel single suffer from what I think is excessive mechanical valve gear type noise (what do you mean, I shouldn't have old bikes then?  ;) ) that I'm pretty sure is due to the backlash between the dynamo gear and the fibre gear. I've narrowed it down to that area - it's more distinct on the B31 than the Ariel - with the trusty stethoscope. Before I stump up the brass on ordering new gears, has anyone replaced them and noticed a distinct improvement?
I know that noises can be notoriously difficult to track down but pretty much everything else has been addressed now.


Twins / A10 Dynamo belt-drive conversion and Rodark panniers
« on: 01 August, 2017, 16:57:28 »
Hello, folks.
I'm gradually working my way through my recently acquired 1952 A10 so that it can become a long-legged tourer  :) When I got her she was still on side-car gearing and the speedo was showing 10mph fast. Great for the ego, but not for the frenetic revs. I eventually tracked down a UK made solo rear drum with 42T sprocket to replace the dustbin lid sized 49T one and whilst I was at it I replaced the 19T gearbox sprocket with a 21T. She now runs very serenely at a genuine 60mph, though I must admit that when I bought the sprocket I hadn't realised the the engine/gearbox unit had to come out of the frame to get at the beggar  :-[ The speedo now shows up to 5mph slow at 50-60 but is around 2mph fast at 30 - which is fine if you know about it  ;)
As the engine is now spinning more slowly I have a mind to fit a belt drive conversion to the dynamo from (I will retain the 6v system which already has an electronic regulator) which does gear up the dynamo and increases output at lower engine revs. Has anyone fitted one of these and if so, what's your opinion on the 'silence' of it?
I'm currently in the process of fitting a set of Rodark panniers to her (very good fibreglass replicas from Craven/Draganfly) - they are now sprayed a matching gold and hardening in the conservatory. I will be lacquering them in the morning, weather permitting.
Other jobs that will be undertaken in due course is replacement of the suspension springs F/R with sidecar weight jobbies as she will spend much of her life 2-up, a tapered head-race conversion and assorted stainless steel bits such as axles/nuts/bolts, Devon rims etc. Most will be done over the winter. For now she'll be ridden pretty much as is. She has been restored at some point, to a good standard and has mellowed a bit so looks used but loved.
We've not been together for too long, but I'm already growing very fond of this old girl.


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