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Singles / M21 wheels
« on: 24 July, 2017, 20:59:24 »
Hi, can any one help with the configuraton of the wheels on a 1961 M21. The rear wheel is 'quick release' and is currently slightly off center. The hub will not push fully onto the driving flange as the bearing sleeve will not let it. The hub only sits into the driving flange by about 3/8" which does not seem right. If it pushed on further it would probably be ok.

The front wheel (7" hub") again seems to sit too far over to the o/s. The diagram I have of the set up shows a spindle sleeve going through the bearings however my spindle fits the bearings perfectly and there is no sleeve. I put a distance piece between the bearings and all seemed well until I put the wheel into the frame. The diagram also shows a nut fastening the brake cover plate on but as I have no spindle sleeve I cannot do this. If I push the brake plate up to the stantion sleeve and locate the plate stud into it to stop it spinning there is around a 1" gap on the spindle to the n/s and the wheel is off center.  If any one has any photographs of their wheel set up or can advise how the configuration should be I would be grateful.

Hope the above makes sense  :o

Singles / Assistance with M21 frame
« on: 02 July, 2017, 14:04:01 »

I am putting an M21 frame together and am baffled by an extended tube on the nearside chainstay location. This extended tube makes the distance between the two sides too long for a standard stud to go through. The bike was in bits when purchased so I have no idea what its for. Before I grind it off does anyone have any idea why it may be there?

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