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Twins / Twin leading shoes
« on: 30 July, 2017, 11:14:22 »
Getting there but need some more help please.

Can the cams be put in the wrong way around ?

Which way do the shoes go in ?

Does any one have a photo of the shoes correctly installed. I have found a few dubious installations and think the brakes be in a similar vein.

I have read about adjustments and the one that made sense to me was to disconnect the link and ensure the shoes were centered, flip the disc and offer up the link bar. If it does not offer up in the correct position it needs adjusting. This seems simple compared to some of articles I have read but this should also ensure both are applied at the same time. Thoughts please!

My other issue is the spongy lever is this because it's installed incorrectly? The lever looks genuine so I expect the travel to be as designed so I'm guessing I will start by finding a cable that will not compress or stretch to see if this is the culprit. Does anyone have the part number for the cable ( 69 thunderbolt ) and recommend a supplier of decent cables.

Many thanks

Twins / A65 basket case
« on: 09 July, 2017, 20:38:45 »
New to the forum and in desperate need of help.

I bought one a week or two ago and straight away had some issues with the clutch slipping so made a few adjustment and read about the oil being possible overfilled and too heavy but I want to bring this bike back to life and getting to understand it First seems to take priority over making it shine.

It is a 69 thunderbird with 3 spring clutch so I took the cover off removed the plates but was surprised to find seven steel 5 friction. The last steel plate having fallen off the guides sitting behind the clutch centre. To remove it I had to lift and rotate it until the key matched and struggled to then get it off.
Is somethind missing as this surely can't be right. I have read about thicker steel plates but it still make no sense that the plate can fall off the back of the clutch centre. I have read numerous articles and forums and I'm not even sure which order they should go in.

It would make more sense for a friction plate first as at least it would be held in the chain wheel but I put it back together without the extra plate and I need to screw the nuts right up and still didn't have enough pressure to engage the engine.

Before looking at it I ordered a 7 plate friction plate set thinking it would cure all but I'm now trying to get my head around what is happening.

I live in derby and would appreciate some guidance on the matter.

Initially the bike felt like it was slipping did a few changes that not disengaging the parts I've inspected so seem in good condition but I'm surprised at the gap between clutch centre and chain wheel and taking one of the steel plates out means I can't get sufficient pressure on the basket.

Love the bike so I'm guessing I'll be a regular on here

Twins / Identify engine casing
« on: 18 June, 2017, 01:24:08 »
I have been looking to buy a thunderbolt/lightning and came across this one but I have never seen one with an inspection port above the kickstand.
Could one of the members enlighten me as to what it is and explain what keep the gunk out


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