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Singles / BSA C15G
« on: 12 April, 2017, 09:36:48 »

After a couple of years ownership and riding my lovely C15G, I decided to address the slight hesitation on throttle take up, and mild mid range lumpiness at 1/3 throttle.

I decided to take a look at the carb first and found everything to be clear but now cannot find out which carb the bike should actually have and what the jetting should be. The carb I have is a 375/034 with a 1 1/16" bore, 140 main jet, 105 needle jet, 25 pilot and a 5 slot needle on 2nd from top slot with a "B" marking. The slide only has the markings "375" and "1". Probably should be a 3.5

I cannot find any information on the C15G model at all. The "G" was the last made in 66/67 only, but I don't understand the lack of information on them. I even found a website that specialised on the C15 but still no mention of the G model.

So my question is: does anyone know what carb this model should have and what the internal specs should be?


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