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Singles / B31 Inlet Valve Rocker - oil drillings
« on: 20 March, 2017, 15:48:54 »
This is my first posting so I hope I've followed the process correctly.

The inlet valve rocker on my 1955 BSA B31 only has one oil drilling hole at the push rod end but the exhaust valve rocker has two drillings, one at the push rod end and one at the valve end. 
I think the inlet rocker should have two oil drillings as well and maybe the hole at the valve end was missed in production some 60 odd years ago!!
Does anyone have a spare they can check or does someone know for sure?

The book Pt No. For the inlet valve rocker is 65-1102 (mine is stamped 65-1103) The book Pt No. For the exhaust valve rocker is 65-1100 (mine is stamped 65-1101).

Thanks Guys


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