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The Star and Garter / Cleaning rusty metal
« on: 26 May, 2022, 14:52:22 »
Hi all, I want to clean some rusty metal using the battery charger method but the metal is attached to some brass will this method harm the brass, thanks Roy

The Star and Garter / Puncture repair kits
« on: 15 May, 2022, 20:07:59 »
Hi all, having to buy two expensive tubeless tyres for my modern bike in two years due to punctures I was lucky I noticed them back home next day, I cant remember seeing any adverts in the MCN or OBM for get you home repair kits I know they are available from Ebay but does any one know if they have been banned from the media for some reason.Thanks Roy

The Star and Garter / Ride out
« on: 24 April, 2022, 20:37:02 »
We had a ride out today unfortunately not on my BSA but my Suzuki to Holmfirth and followed what seemed to be a BSA group they looked and sounded awesome, wonder if they where a local club. Roy :D

The Star and Garter / Talking pictures
« on: 12 April, 2022, 11:07:00 »
On Talking Pictures channel 82 on Tuesday 19 April at 7-30 to 7-40 am 1950 Birmingham and the road patrol bikes set off from the BSA factory on their annual road patrol, might be worth setting the tv recorder up might jog some memories. Roy

Twins / Suspected short
« on: 10 March, 2022, 14:33:26 »
Hi all whilst out on my 1966 A65L I had to  touch the horn button the sound was just a faint pip and the engine seam to stop for a split second, further down the road I tried it again and the same happened the bike was running great, back home for some reason I put the lights on and they just glowed checked the battery and this was showing 12.6v the horn and dip switch are a couple of years old, any idea where to start looking thanks Roy  ???

The Star and Garter / Dam Ethanol
« on: 01 February, 2022, 16:42:27 »
Don't like mentioning the word but my local garage said they might stop selling E5 anybody had problems with E10 and is there an additive out yet to stop corrosive action. thanks Roy  >:(

The Star and Garter / DVD
« on: 21 January, 2022, 19:27:52 »
hi all, just reading second book by Peter Crawford , Hailwood to  Vincent I have bought a dvd of that era On Any Sunday is there anymore dvds out there about classic bikes, club runs or racing. Thanks Roy

Twins / Two questions
« on: 09 December, 2021, 15:29:25 »
Hi all first, what speedo gear box on the rear wheel do I need on 1966 lighting with 19inch wheel speedo is marked SSM 5001/03A 1600 I believe imported from USA,, second my side stand moves about 1/8inch up and down not wear on the pivot bolt but there  seems to be a saddle going round the frame tube should this be welded on and its broke, thanks Roy

The Star and Garter / GOV E10 checker
« on: 04 September, 2021, 18:51:56 »
Hi all has anyone used the GOV E10 checker I cant get into it or is the government holding something back also anyone out there in the know if an additive is being made to neutralise it, Roy

Twins / Sooty spark plugs
« on: 07 August, 2021, 17:44:09 »
Hi all my 65L is running ok but checking the spark plugs I found  the electrodes are brown but the  wall of the plug is sooty is this an indication of running rich, I have concentric carbs on with the needle jets on the middle setting should the be moved to the top notch? thanks Roy

Twins / A65 centre stand spring
« on: 25 July, 2021, 23:05:18 »
Hi all have got to change the centre stand spring,i have read a previous post on the subject the screw driver tip looks easy has anyone changed one using a different method  and how to get the old one off I suppose it has to cut off, thanks Roy

The Star and Garter / Where Bsa's Dare
« on: 30 June, 2021, 15:04:07 »
Looking forward to reading the book ive  just received, flicking through the pages looking at the photos what an achievement these three made on standard bikes looks amazing. Roy

Twins / A65L front brake
« on: 12 June, 2021, 20:29:30 »
Hi all, fitted new shoes to front wheel may be 15 miles ago how many miles will it be before they bed in I know it must be how many times the brake is used but I have been riding where possible squeezing the brake any ideas, Roy

Twins / A65L clutch cable backing off
« on: 12 June, 2021, 20:22:56 »
Hi all , after a good ride out my gears become harder to select knowing the problem I pull up and adjust the clutch cable , any idea why the cable becomes slack it not a new thing I keep putting up with it but now I will try to sort it out with your help when the engine is cold say next morning theres no slack at the lever so  have to slack off a shade, thanks Roy ???

Twins / Brake shoes
« on: 14 May, 2021, 11:30:59 »
Hi all, has anyone had front brake shoes from Draganflys if so are the linings good for modern road use, thanks Roy

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