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Which BSA do you ride? / My Present bikes
« on: 04 February, 2018, 14:19:10 »
Both bikes are used during the better weather the A65 was restored from a basket case.

Twins / Exhaust pipes
« on: 12 July, 2017, 13:09:30 »
Is there an optimum distance for how far the exhaust pipes go into the silencers on a 1956 swinging arm A7 mine go in approx 4 inches which seems quite a bit or does it not make any difference to performance.

Twins / Small end problem
« on: 05 July, 2017, 11:27:15 »
I have a1956 swinging arm A7 for a few weeks now I have had noise coming from the engine at certain revs about 25 mph in second gear 35 in third gear and 45 in fourth gear. So decided to take head and barrels off, on first inspection could find nothing wrong but when I removed the pistons one of the small end bushes has turned in the con rod blocking off most of the lubrication hole. This has resulted in the internal diameter of the bush being 5-6 thou bigger than the gudgeon pin. I have ordered a new bush but suspect that it will not be a tight enough fit in the con rod the original worn bush still had to be removed using a home made extracter but it came out too easily. How do I make it a bit tighter would bearing loctite be the answer or I could do what we used to do years ago when I worked in enginering and we had this problem we would tin the outside of the bearing then press it in this was the solution before loctite. Or does anyone have another remedy. Thanks.

Twins / A65 Early clutch changes
« on: 27 February, 2017, 09:33:05 »
I have an early A65 1963 and the clutch has quite a bit of side play and I notice that a few years later they fitted the clutch shims. I was wondering if they were introduced to take up the side play, looking at both parts lists it would seem that to update my clutch I would have to buy part numbers  68-3253  68-3252  and 68-3245 is there any thing else I would need to consider before going any further. Is what I am considering possible as also the clutch is quite noisy and maybe think the side play is responsible I did fit new rollers a couple of years ago which did not cure the noise.

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