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The Star and Garter / Belgium rally
« on: 16 February, 2022, 10:05:15 »
The booking form to get accommodation is a bit of a joke, I think, the wife has just spent half an hour trying to book, caravans are already gone, but the booking form to enter the dates of myself and the mileage ridiculous, having to go through the years day by day, by the look of it, instead of just putting in the dates. I feel I am too old to camp now and want something more substantial with toilets and showers. Is there any hotels near by?

The Star and Garter / First ride out this year
« on: 03 February, 2022, 14:29:06 »
I had my first ride out on the Starfire yesterday, I only did about twelve miles but it was so nice to get out again,  a great feeling to be out on the road again, I really can't remember the last time I went for a spin but I think now the weather is picking up a bit, won't be long before I start on some longer rides.

The Star and Garter / BSA Sunbeam scooter
« on: 11 January, 2022, 09:45:45 »
Hello all.

I am desperately looking for a white kick start lever rubber for a 250cc Sunbeam scooter, that I am restoring, or should I say re-furbishing, I thought maybe someone would have one tucked away somewhere, it seems that these things now are like hens teeth, I have tried all the usual spares suppliers and it seems not even Tom Brown in NZ has any.
I do have one of the older type in grey which is grey and for the arched style pedal, that I can exchange if anyone wants one.


Twins / BSA 250cc scooter
« on: 01 October, 2021, 10:15:23 »
I am trying to find out more info on the scooters produced by BSA with the Sunbeam, Triumph Tigress, badges, I do have a parts book, which is very good except, it does not give any measurements, size of screws, lengths, threads, or any of the information that I am looking for, my question is : is there anywhere that I might get such information? surely BSA must have published something on these machines.

Regards TTJohn

The Star and Garter / Members
« on: 13 September, 2021, 16:22:32 »
Hello, is there any chance of checking to see if a member is genuine? I have tried to contact a Mr Moto on PM and cannot get a reply I'm just wondering if he's a scam merchant.

Thanks TTJohn

Twins / BSA 250cc twins
« on: 02 September, 2021, 19:06:25 »
I'm looking for some parts to complete a Triumph Tigress scooter, made by BSA, I know there are not many of these bikes still about, last one I had finished up in Footman James's new offices in Dudley.
Silly little bits I am after, like the two pivot blocks for the centre stand also the two pivot blocks for the kick starter, I just thought there may be someone that has these items tucked away under the bench, well I can dream can't I?
But if anyone has any items for scooters I would be very interested.

Many thanks TTJohn

Twins / Triumph Tigeress & Sunbeam scooters
« on: 11 August, 2021, 08:50:56 »
Hello all.

I have now, some new solid copper head gaskets for the BSA 250cc twins, ie Triumph & Sunbeam scooters, these are laser cut out of C101 soft copper .05 mm thick, they are 17-00 inclusive of postage in the u.k if we have any 250 twin buffs out there.

Kind regards TTJohn

The Star and Garter / Update on the Hampshire branch camp
« on: 05 August, 2021, 17:34:41 »
Well,  what a fantastic turn out for the Hampshire branch camp, we were staying at a apartment about seven miles away and travelled in to the camp site daily. We had a good ride out on the Saturday, covering some sixty miles which was very enjoyable, even though a couple of riders got themselves lost through mistaking photographers for markers and taking the wrong Road, I think they just wanted to make sure that they would have the better photo, by posing full frontal.
The Sunday run to the Stokes Bay for the traditional ice cream run went without a hitch, I don't think anyone wanted to miss out on that one.
A huge thanks to to Hampshire branch for all their hard work in organising and laying on a really excellent camp, well done to you all.


The Star and Garter / Hampshire branch camp
« on: 29 July, 2021, 08:51:56 »
Well, looking forward to my first branch camp since this terrible virus thing started, I have been very good and isolated, taking good care but enough is enough and I think it's about time to go out and get riding again, if I can remember how :-)
I hope to see some of you down at the Millburries this weekend, I will be staying at a guest house, as opposed to staying on site but will be travelling in to the camp site daily on the bike.


The Star and Garter / Classified ads
« on: 08 June, 2021, 17:29:57 »
Why is it that when I put an item for sale in the classified ads, it goes into the wanted column? also why is there no way of deleting these items?

Regards TTJohn

The Star and Garter / Open Day
« on: 29 May, 2021, 16:19:45 »
Well, we should have been at Mkt Harborough this weekend for the open day rally, the weather is perfect, with a great big orange ball in the sky but there you go just one of those things, we will have to make do without it this year, what a shame.
Perhaps we can make it twice as good next year, hopefully.

Kind regards TTJohn

Twins / BSA Scooters
« on: 22 May, 2021, 11:35:00 »
I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the manufacturing of the 250cc scooter that was produced by BSA and were badged as Sunbeam and Triumph. I would like to know who or what firm made the white  rubber grips, pedal covers and matting, also whether these are still available anywhere in the UK?
What a challenge for all you enthusiasts? :-)

Kind regards TTJohn

The Star and Garter / Birmingham branch
« on: 22 May, 2021, 11:25:13 »
Good luck Birmingham branch, with putting on your branch camp at this troubled time, I hope you do not suffer with the high winds that we have experienced, over the past two days. I wish you all the best and may your camp be a resounding success.

Regards TTJohn

Twins / Sunbeam scooter engine
« on: 23 April, 2021, 10:50:03 »
I am looking for an exploded view of the Sunbeam / Triumph 250cc twin engine, or the book with that in it, any help would be appreciated, many thanks in advance TTJohn.

Twins / BSA Sunbeam scooter
« on: 21 April, 2021, 09:59:29 »

Can anyone on the forum tell me , the location of the frame number on a Sunbeam 250cc twin scooter please? as I have just bought one and do not seem to be able to find the frame number.

Many thanks in advance TTJohn

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