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The Star and Garter / Chris Vincent has sadly passed away
« on: 20 February, 2021, 17:22:42 »
It's reported in MCN on line today that Chris Vincent, the well known BSA champion A65 side car racer has died at the age of 86.

Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

We have just found out that the NMM have had their application for a grant from the Culture Recovery Fund For Heritage Grant scheme  refused.

As you can imagine, the management and staff there are extremely disappointed as they were hoping to be considered favourably due to their unique collection of Historic British only bikes.

As members will know, we sent out raffle tickets for their covid appeal raffle back in the summer. So, if your tickets are still waiting for you to fill in it's more important now than ever to give them some support. Remember you could be the proud owner of a B31 for the sake of a couple of quid!

Twins / Calling Pre OIF A65 Owners - Taming the vibes?
« on: 06 August, 2020, 15:13:06 »
I'd like to know if other pre 1971 (Pre OIF) A65 owners, find the vibration uncomfortable at cruising speeds 55-65MPH and around 3500 revs.
Many moons ago, I had such a model. The style, riding position, weight distribution, power and acceleration were just right for me. The big issue however was vibration at speed. It made long journeys on A roads and dual carriageways a pain. In the end I sold it on. During my period of ownership I rebuilt the motor, having the crank balanced by Bassett Down etc but this made little difference.
On the other hand, my OIF Thunderbolt that I had for 15 years was much better particularly when I had the crank balanced on that too. I am wondering if that was down to the Rubber Mounts on the handlebars or was it just pot luck?
Your thoughts and experiences would be most welcome.


National, Branch and Group Events / Latest Camp Cancellations
« on: 08 June, 2020, 10:10:30 »
Please note latest cancellations as reported to Star HQ on or before 8th June are,
West Yorkshire Camp, Wiltshire Camp and Manchester Camp.

Does anyone out there have a 1969/70 A50 Royal Star that still has the original lining around the edge of the Chrome panels? If so, what colour is it? Also, as important as colour, what width is it?
I will be getting my tank repainted sometime soon, when my painter gets back to work and I want to have it lined rather than the stick on tape method.
Any help would be much appreciated

One of our members from North Yorkshire, Phil Royston, will be appearing in the above prog. on Thursday 6th February. Spoiler alert he will be riding a classic Triumph so don't let that put you off. Sounds like it will be an interesting watch!

The Star and Garter / NEC Classic Motorbike Show- Car Parking
« on: 01 October, 2019, 14:19:07 »
NEC Show Car Parking

If you are planning to visit Phil and the Birmingham Team’s brilliant stand at the NEC Classic Motorbike Show on 8th, 9th or 10th November then there are some deals to be had on Car Parking if you book in advance this year!
Park at the NEC for £12 (£16 on the day)
Book in advance at:
NEW special rate at the NCP Car Park 5 at Birmingham airport, park from 8am – 7.30pm for just £9.
This Event Special must be booked in advance entering the code Classic19 at:

This has been done in respect of complaints that the NEC put the prices up last year. So don't let the price of parking put you off!

The Star and Garter / BSA Quiz
« on: 05 September, 2019, 12:53:38 »
Hi Folks,
Slight Cock Up on the email address front!!!
In the 'Ready to Quiz' feature on page 19 of September edition of The Star the email address to respond to should read
I'll bet a lot of you worked that one out for yourself, and no, it wasn't a catch to make the quiz harder!
A full correction will be made in the October edition. Thanks in advance for your patience.
Chris - Editor 

The Star and Garter / Help needed with A65 Parts!
« on: 31 January, 2019, 11:43:45 »
Hi folks,
If you have any A65 bottom end parts lying around and going spare, please look at my post in the 'Twins' section of the forum.
Many thanks

Twins / Help! Parts needed for A50 rebuild
« on: 31 January, 2019, 11:23:31 »
Hi folks,
Have any of you Twin officianados got a couple of late A50/65 Crankshaft items lying around gathering dust? They are:-
68-0685 Crankshaft Thrust washer (this is the one that sits on the timing side has 4 'ears' on it and a bronze coating)
68-0638 Crankshaft Shim Retaining Cup. (fits drive side between roller brg. and Crankshaft and holds the shims)
All the excellent dealers can't help with the latter, Draganfly have the thrust washer but is very expensive.
Reason for needing these is on splitting the crankcase to check the 0.045" endfloat all these were missing!!! The expert who rebuilt the engine after the excellent crankshaft regrinds must have forgotten and not read the manual, Arghhhhhhh!!!
Please help me get my blood pressure down,

The Star and Garter / Offer of Company over Christmas period
« on: 02 December, 2018, 15:22:20 »
Last year, John Scarborough made a very generous offer to put people up over Christmas eve/day. His notice was:-


I am moved to offer something for anyone that finds themselves alone at Xmas as it can, for some, be a very trying time.
What I can offer free is camping facilities or camper parking, indoor floor space for sleeping bags + toilet and hot water.  (Alternatively reasonably priced accommodation is available 1 mile away).  I was thinking of 23 Dec and onwards as that is a Saturday.
Location is Taunton TA4 area.
I offer to provide free at least one meal each day and maybe breakfast.
I am making this offer to the Backpackers club as well as the Norton Owners and the BSA Owners Club.
I have one caveat and that is that personal circumstances might create a last minute change of plan - so please contact either 01984 656 310 or nearer the date.
I would like to know of any takers for obvious reasons.
John Scarborough, Taunton TA4

Well John has repeated his kind offer for this year 2018. Unfortunately this was received too late for the December Star or putting elsewhere on the website, so he asked me to place this on the Forum.
So, if this is of interest, please feel free to contact John direct.



Hi Folks,
Paul Chasney, Technical Officer for the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs(FBHVC) of which we are affiliated has sent out a request for all members with Historic Vehicles to complete the questionnaire/survey as detailed below. Please consider completing this so the FBHVC can respond to the HM Government consultation document with meaningful data by the due date.
As there is no time to publish this in The Star, I'm hoping as many of you as possible will feel able to participate.

As an aside, Steve Foden filled up his A10 with E10 unleaded in Germany recently and it ran like a pig until he cleared it through with some fresh fuel. For those of us with A65's or similar, this E10 could be a constant nightmare!

Thanks for your support.

Paul Chasney wrote:-
Help the Federation respond to Government consultation on the introduction of increased levels of ethanol in petrol.
Dear Enthusiast,
The Department of Transport has issued a consultation document on the subject of introducing higher levels of ethanol in petrol.

Many older vehicles are likely to suffer damage and possibly dangerous fuel leaks if the E10 grade of petrol is used without modification to their fuel systems.

For the purposes of this consultation the Government is focussing on vehicles more than 25 years old.

Whilst wishing to introduce the higher ethanol level E10 grade of fuel, the Government are guaranteeing a 'protection grade' of petrol at the E5 grade that is equivalent to the currently available 95 RON petrol.  However this guarantee will only last until 2020 when further consultation will take place.

It is likely that on the introduction of E10 at the 95 RON level, the currently available 'Super' grades with an octane level of 97 RON or higher, will cease to be available.

The Federation has designed a survey on petrol useage in older vehicles which will provide valuable evidence in the consultation response.

Please complete the survey and help the Federation preserve our right to use 'Yesterday's Vehicles on Tomorrow's Roads'.

The survey can be accessed via

If you wish to read the consultation document it can be found by following

Please encourage your friends and fellow enthusiasts to complete the survey, just forward this email and they will be able to follow the survey link. The survey will close on 31 August 2018 in order to collate the results for the Federation's response to the consultation. A copy of the response will be made available on the Federation's website.

Thank you for supporting the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and helping to keep historic vehicles on the road.

Paul Chasney
Director - Research


Twins / A65/A50 Petrol Taps
« on: 01 October, 2017, 17:38:39 »
Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there is enough room to fit a lever type tap with a 90degree elbow on the end on the A65 UK spec (4 gall ) tank?

Alternatively, does anyone have an A65 reserve petrol tap (the one without the standpipe) going spare? Mine has a stripped thread in the little stop screw hole so a new body is needed.
As you know, these have to be of the in line horizontal pattern as there is no room for a standard downward pointing jobby!!

Message to all BSAOC members.
Our webmail system had problems yesterday and the nett result is I cant access my email (My fault as I cocked up my password). If you have any contributions, branch news, adverts for the bazaar etc. for the October edition would you please send to the usual address but also copy to
Hopefully I will get it sorted but just in case!
Many thanks

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