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Twins / A65/A50 Petrol Taps
« on: 01 October, 2017, 17:38:39 »
Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there is enough room to fit a lever type tap with a 90degree elbow on the end on the A65 UK spec (4 gall ) tank?

Alternatively, does anyone have an A65 reserve petrol tap (the one without the standpipe) going spare? Mine has a stripped thread in the little stop screw hole so a new body is needed.
As you know, these have to be of the in line horizontal pattern as there is no room for a standard downward pointing jobby!!

Message to all BSAOC members.
Our webmail system had problems yesterday and the nett result is I cant access my email (My fault as I cocked up my password). If you have any contributions, branch news, adverts for the bazaar etc. for the October edition would you please send to the usual address but also copy to
Hopefully I will get it sorted but just in case!
Many thanks

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