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Which BSA do you ride? / 1937 B20/21
« on: 28 February, 2018, 20:28:21 »
This is my B20 which is now a B21 until i fix the B20 engine. 
Basically refurbished metalwork and frame, rebuilt wheels, rebushed and remade fork pins.
sent off the rear hub to have a new cog put on as it was very hooked.
sourced and rebuilt B21 engine as the B20 cylinder cracked and fell into lots of pieces after being relined. could not find a replacement.
since then i have found a new B20 cylinder.
other than that left it as original as poss.
Any questions, place ask.
how many B20's are still running???? would be interesting to know.
Safe riding

Pre War / B21 tappet Clearances
« on: 24 July, 2017, 21:44:59 »
Can anyone in the know enlighten me as to what the clearances are for the inlet and outlet on the B21 please.
when i rebuilt the engine i set them by rotating the pushrods without resistance and making sure they didn't rattle vertically.
i just wondered what the correct values are.
thanks in advance

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