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The Star and Garter / Draganfly & The Diamond Rally & Open Day
« on: 18 May, 2018, 07:53:08 »
Draganfly are really putting a great deal of effort into supporting and sponsoring the whole weekend.
Phil & Merv & I visited them and were most impressed with the investments and developments Iain has and continues to make, including very impressive increased in-house manufacturing. Draganfly-Craven luggage is ideal for our bikes, too.
Iain hopes to bring a couple of bikes and his Dad to meet those of us who dealt with him for so many years. And he's bringing their big van, stuffed full of goodies.
Advice will be free!
Here's a thought; if you know you want anything soon, why not go to the Draganfly website, look up the part numbers and order for delivery to the Rally & Open Day?

Looking forward to another brilliant weekend - see you there!

Twins / A10/Early A65 Oil Tank Cap
« on: 11 April, 2018, 16:39:07 »
I've come across 1/2 dozen new oil tank caps, plain no writing on them & no dipsticks (later dipstick ones are larger, I believe).
A check with my own A10 & 1964 A65 confirm a fit.
They'll need a fibre washer & if you need a new one Draganfly sell the right ones - see them at the Open Day if you're not in a rush.
I've been offered the caps at 5 each & can bring them along to the AGM if anyone wants to order - just bring the cash with you.
let me know if you want one -

The Star and Garter / Free Online Copy of RealClassic Magazine
« on: 08 February, 2018, 18:05:44 »
Nice message from Rowena at RealClassic. Enjoy!

It's been a while since we shared this - a free sample digital issue, so you can see what the magazine is like in this format.
It's an older issue, but will let you see how RC looks on your device. Can't say I'd recommend reading it on a phone (!) but it looks pretty good on a tablet, I think.
Might be the ideal solution for folks fed up with stacks of magazines scattered around the place, or who doesn't want to wait for the postman to deliver!
Here's the link - you're welcome to share it:

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