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Twins / a65 oil pressure
« on: 06 January, 2018, 10:47:47 »
A friend has just fitted an Oil Pressure Gauge to his 1972 A65 Lightning - he has concerns that its reading 90 psi - and funny enough has developed an oil leak (surprise surprise) - what i have read is the oil pressure when warm, at 3000 - 4000 rpm should be around 40-45 psi - can someone explain this ridiculous reading for me? (the release valve has 70 psi stamped on it, its normally 50 i beleive)
ray t

Twins / A65 - Ace Bars - cable lengths
« on: 05 June, 2017, 19:14:46 »
1966 A65 Lightning.
I’m fitting Ace Bars to a 1966 A65 Lightning.
I have early Amal 930 carbs with a twin cable twist throttle (no splitter, 2 cables required).
The clutch is early side entry to the clutch operating lever
The Choke operating lever is single cable, requiring a splitter for the other carb.
The Front brake is a full width hub (I know its the wrong one!).
Can someone please tell me the outer cable lengths for the following:
1)   The Throttle cable(s)
2)   The Choke cable (including the splitter box)
3)   The Clutch cable
4)   The Front Brake cable
I have measured the ‘cable runs’ but I would like confirmation/reassurance prior to ordering
Many thanks - Ray T.

Twins / A65 6v - 12v Alternator
« on: 13 May, 2017, 14:21:20 »
Hi, please help………….
I’m currently building an A65 Lightning to look something like a Clubman. I have a Lightning Clubman Headlight shell which has a Central Ammeter, the Key Switch left of centre and the Light Switch to the right. I have since bought the correct wiring harness and all looks good except……..the wiring harness appears (and also my wiring diagram) appears to be 6 volt.
You can tell this by the 3 wires present in the harness for the Alternator i.e.
1) Green/Yellow
2) Black/Green
3) White/Green
A 12v Alternator on has 2 wire output.
I planned to build the bike with 12v Electrics, having bought a 12v Boyer Ignition, 6v Coils & 12v Rectifier and now find my wiring diagram ‘not very useful’ as 12v Alternators only have 2 leads off of them.
Can you clever people out there please advise on this 6v / 12v alternator issue, better still recommend a 12v wiring diagram that includes the 2 headlight switches & ammeter, along with the 2 wire output from the alternator – many thanks Ray T.

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