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Singles / bsa b25 starfire thottle needle clip position
« on: 06 May, 2020, 09:18:35 »
Hi all. i cant remember the position of the clip? I think its no 2 (factory set up) but some books quote 1 or 2 . And do you count from the bottom or top on the needle.
cheers. mike

Singles / bsa starfire poor starting
« on: 04 May, 2020, 09:20:38 »
Hi all. hope all is well during lockdown.
My 1970 starfire has always been difficult to start to the point my kick start spring broke(over worked) .Have has some good results in recent weeks but now refuses to start.

Amal carb fitted cleaned and new jets/pilot screw/throttle slide etc. (Pilot gallaries clear)
New plug/condensor/ht lead/plug cap
Have a good spark and petrol getting through.
I did  replace the clutch /springs as i thought it was slipping whilst trying the start the bike.I Left the points assembly in the casing so i didnt disturb the timing. i did check the timing a few weeks ago (when it was running) using a strobe . all ok

The only thing i have not checked is the valve clearances of which i will check out soon.

Back to basics they say, but i have done this so many times now. what am i missing? Hoping you can help me out, getting fed.
 up now .

bfn mike
stay safe

Singles / bsa b25 kick start spring replacement
« on: 11 April, 2020, 10:54:05 »
Hi Guys.

Kick start does no longer return.So;

When taking the engine cover off, can i do so without removing the contact breaker assembly off?  Worried about loosing the timing.

i dont expect to see any oil dripping out from the outer casing, as gearbox oil is further in the engine. is that correct.

Sorry to ask these simple questions but any help /guidance /tips would be appreciated.

Bfn.stay safe

Singles / (bsa b25 starfire poor starting
« on: 31 January, 2020, 17:19:42 »
Hi . Hoping someone can help, before i loose my rag and throw the teddy out of the pram.

I have a 1970 Bsa  B25 Starfire which is very difficult to start.i have a good spark, but its taking an age to prime the plug with petrol.
Carb fitted is Amal 928 concentric with all factory settings.
Carb has been rebuilt with new throttle slide,pilot air screw,throttle stop, the only item i have not replaced is the throttle needle.

I can take up to 25/30 kicks before its fires ,then running and restarting no problem.

When you remove the spark plug having primed/kicked you would expect the plug to be wet, not the case. Clutch adjusted so engine not slipping whist starting/running.
Yes the bike has been idle for a little while , so how can i improve the starting technique?

Bike performs well on the road, and very happy once its going

any advise would be helpful. cheers.



Singles / bsa starfire b25, will not idle
« on: 11 July, 2019, 17:45:09 »
Hi guys.

I have for some time suffered on my B25 Starfirel with engine not idling,.currently fitted with Amal 900 concentric  Carb. Have currently replaced .
throttle slide
main jet
pilot jet
throttle stop
cleaned carb

Have also replaced condensor to cure misfire over 55mph. sorted.

Just ordered a replacement air screw.
Any thought/help would be appreciated.



Singles / 1970 b25 starfire
« on: 01 April, 2017, 15:51:55 »
Hi guys

i am having a misfire underload, albeit when reaching 55mph (cruise speed)/and 30 miles into ride all is well. Any ideas? Engine has recently
been rebored etc and still running in ?

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