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Pre War / Top yolk girder fork
« on: 22 July, 2022, 16:02:20 »
I have a top yolk with a cotter pin instead of a pinch bolt.Any ideas which model itís off.Going onto a B26.🛠👍

Bantam / Re: Bantam rear wheel
« on: 25 February, 2022, 12:10:48 »
Thanks for offering to measure.They might be really handy dimensions.I can add/remove spacers.I can also cut off the speedo drive if needed.
I also need to think about chain size.From what I can see my drive sprocket is 1/4 x/5/8 teeth .I have a feeling bantam might be smaller ?
Thanks Dave

Pre War / Conrod
« on: 23 February, 2022, 20:38:43 »
Anyone got a conrod to sell 65-464?

Bantam / Re: Bantam rear wheel
« on: 23 February, 2022, 20:37:23 »
I am trying to fit it to B26 rigidrear end.
Maybe I will be better off with the earlier ones without the speedo drive?

Bantam / Bantam rear wheel
« on: 20 February, 2022, 18:44:45 »
I have. B26...1937.No back wheel.
I have seen I can fit a Bantam half width hub.
Anyone got a 18Ē for sale?

Singles / B26 1937
« on: 15 February, 2022, 12:46:53 »
Anyone got a conrod/crank pin/Rod is 65-464. I can clean it up if it is rough.Alsoany wheels for b21/26.
Thanks Dave in Bristol

Pre War / Re: B26 Clutch sleeve
« on: 26 November, 2021, 23:17:04 »
Hi Alan,
It is 1937/8.
The  taper runs from 18mm to 16mm.
I have found  a mate with one that fits.It has an internal extractor thread and a taper that starts 3mm inside the box end.
I have looked for ages and can't find one.Any ideas?Dave

Pre War / B26 Clutch sleeve
« on: 18 November, 2021, 08:30:08 »
I am having trouble finding a clutch sleeve that fits the main shaft on a handchange box.The taper is too far out in a sleeve I have and is sloppy.Part number is listed as 65-3832.Does anyone know if a c type can be modified.
I have a six spring Bgroup  later clutch to try to fit to it.

Pre War / B24 clutch
« on: 08 November, 2021, 21:12:48 »
I have a prewar gearbox 1938 handchange .I also have a six spring BGroup clutch.Does anyone know of an adaptor for the taper?

Pre War / B24 Clutch type/piston type flywheels
« on: 06 October, 2021, 21:13:02 »
Has anyone used a different clutch to the single spring type? I also have a domed piston and a flat top one.Which is right for a B24 Tourer? I also have 2 sets of flywheels.the thickness of the actual flywheels are different.Does that matter?

Pre War / Re: 1937 Rear wheel hub
« on: 05 October, 2021, 18:51:40 »
Hi Chaps,
That is interesting as I have a B24 and no wheels.Do you think the D7 onwards is good for front and back?
I have seen Indian ones for sale but donít know if they are any good.
Dave T

Pre War / B24 1938
« on: 05 October, 2021, 18:40:47 »
I have just acquired a B24 frame and an old engine JB26.196.I think it is a 350cc.I need a big end /pin,piston,carb,magneto,dynamo ,pushrod tube ,clutch,fork pins, and lots of other bits.I have a couple of gearboxes but donít know what type  they are yet.Any old bits welcome to use as patterns.
Wheels seem to be rare.Can I fit bantam wheels until I get originals?
And loads of advice.
Based Bristol.
Dave T. 21 Triumph,MG,Morgan,Landy.

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