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Derek - Ha!  I don't think he ever jumped a fence fleeing the Germans. He'd certainly have shared that story with me!  However, he actually did own a 1953 Triumph while in Europe, as well.  I've got registration paperwork but no photos of that bike.  He bought the Triumph in 1956 for $200 USD. Chassis number was 38829.  Finding that actual bike (if it still exists) would be and epic feat!  Wish I had the chassis numbers on the BSA.  Cheers!

Excellent!  Thanks for the feedback.  Truly appreciate it. 

Regarding the photo, itís my favorite all-time pic of my father.  It demonstrates both his sense of adventure and discriminating taste in motorcycles!

Dean - Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, he sold that bike before he returned to the US (and just a few years before I was born).  As such, I don't have any more detail on the bike (this photo and my moms stories are my only clues).  Dad passed many years ago so - again - not a lot to go on.  However, your insight is really helpful.  Now to see if I can count the number of fins from that photo!

Which BSA do you ride? / Anyone Know the Year/Model of this BSA?
« on: 15 March, 2019, 14:47:56 »
I'd appreciate any help to identify the year and specific model of the BSA in this photo.  The photo was taken of my father in 1955 or 1956 aboard a BSA that he owned while serving in the Air Force in Chaumont, France.  Anyone able to identify it?  I'm hoping to find a similar year/model for eventual restoration.  Thank you!

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