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The Star and Garter / Re: Number plate - obtain original?
« on: 20 January, 2022, 21:17:31 »
probably a different scenario, I imported a Pontiac Firebird from Florida, DVLA issued me with a C reg no , correct for the year . I then purchased a USA **X number plate. when I sold the car, I could have kept the USA number and had the original C reg put back on.

The Star and Garter / Re: Bangers and Cash
« on: 20 January, 2022, 21:10:20 »
sorry to have offended some, but these programmes are "made for tv". I would suggest a "bung" being passed around to make the prog interesting.

Our local classic bike auction started off over 250 machines, when it stopped they couldn't muster 10, so the auctioneers lost interest  as no commission worth their time bringing camera, tv's and all the wiring.
being interested and a part time restorer I hung around with the half dozen local dealers. during the last few auctions, the same bikes were going around between dealers, then , if not sold, back again the next auction. £3k for a Lamberetta and that was over 10 years ago, I bought an A10 and a Tiger cub from a dealer back in the early 90's for over a grand, the T Cub had a hole in the tank your hand would fit through.
that was the sweetener. or so i thought. the A10 had wood screws holding the cases together, a Norton piston and nothing inside the cases apart from the crank and rods.
most of these programmes are complete oily rag jobs, how come any parts they want are easy to get? and with a good percentage knocked off even cheaper than I can buy trade. They dont have to wait a year to get cases bored and a crank reground like my current A50 has been waiting.

as for cars, Im selling up out of bikes and looking to buy a Firebird/Trans am, 2nd or 3rd gen. or possibly a Corvette C2 or C3. currently everything is miles away or too expensive. one 2nd gen is reported to be nearly £27k as its been recently restored. from the few that have had a look, they say its a good weld job, but would never be able to put back to original condition. my local specialist classic car shop has closed down due to covid and we have lost our local bike mot centre as of tomorrow. Things not looking good here, does this reflect elsewhere ?

Singles / Re: Connecting rod play
« on: 19 January, 2022, 09:43:35 »
dont forget the mutiplication factor, a small amount of movement at the bottom will be exagerated by the length, the longer the rod, the more play

Twins / Re: Sprocket sizes
« on: 18 January, 2022, 21:15:37 »
shame time has progressed so much, up to 25 years ago I could have made whatever sprocket you want or even gears in gearboxes, but our "engineering" company only has 10 machines now and not even an off hand grinding wheel, well there is one but has scotchbrite wheels on..
not sure (since the takeover) but Talon (in Yeovil) used to do custom sprockets and not sure, but our old Sykes gear cutters went to a firm in Bath

Singles / Re: Loctite inside engine
« on: 18 January, 2022, 21:08:49 »
we have used 638 bearing retainer for many years on other compressor applications, we have to prove to customer and transport officials as well as our engineering and design department that it is fit for purpose. never had a fail or problem.

Singles / Re: C15 - replacement carburettor?
« on: 10 January, 2022, 12:44:44 »
that said, I bought an Amal from Salisbury and had to go back to India (its where they are cast and machined now) as when Salisbury tried to build it they couldnt, incorrectly bored, took extra month to get.

Singles / Re: C15 - replacement carburettor?
« on: 09 January, 2022, 15:43:08 »
I fitted a pair of Wassells to my T100 Triumph, had no probems with them and as they are a passivated finish, shouldnt have any ethanol problems.
not being funny but customers want a £35 battery as its cheaper than a £65one, the difference one lasts a year or two the other 5.

Ive sent a pm to you

Singles / Re: C15 - replacement carburettor?
« on: 09 January, 2022, 09:44:50 »
bit of a contradiction, you want a straight forward drop in , not interested in extra performance/economy and no extra tuning. buy the original, anything else will be trial and error.
Ive got a Mikuni on my A50, different manifold fixing and rubber couplings, cables, hoses,feed pipes.
you dont want to pay for a new one, only one (or two) real answers. rebuild yours or buy a used one from ebay.
with todays sources, ultrasonic clean, rebore the body, fit new plated slide, new jets and gaskets kits all available.
Ive recently sold around 8 or 10 Amal's on ebay (still got 2 on there) all useable none went for over £100.
the other option let someone else have a look at yours.

or buy a new one at a classic autojumble ,sometimes easier to negootiate a deal

Singles / Re: NOS replacement crankcases.
« on: 06 January, 2022, 17:06:40 »
I remember my next door business neighbour telling me ( he was an engineer specialising in Frazer NAsh cars), a friend of his sold part of a Nash that he didnt need as he was replacing the majority of parts while his restoration was off the road. the part had a serial number on and the new owner finished his build and registered his car and got the registration number associated with that serial number.
when the original owner finished and went to register the reg number DVLA told him it was not available, the other chap had it.

lesson there, maybe re stamp the same numbers on the new cases but keep the old ones and put a line through them. When bikes are scrapped due to bent frames, the head stocks (with numbers) are required to be sent back to Swansea to prove that number only exists once.

The Star and Garter / Re: Bangers and Cash
« on: 06 January, 2022, 16:57:41 »
cant stand the programme or presenter, same can be said for Brewer on the car programme.
Always trying to get something for nothing, Antiques road trip is another con, all this stuff comes out of the woodwork for the tv. Funny its ever around when Ive been looking and as for getting a sniff of any discount , no chance.

Twins / Re: Carb cleaning
« on: 02 January, 2022, 14:50:33 »
I have heard of people un seizing pistons with coke, but when spilt it tends to leave a sticky residue

Twins / A10 plunger flinger seal
« on: 30 December, 2021, 18:35:45 »
not having touched the old girl in all the years Ive had her 1952 A10, I started her up yesterday, no oil in the sump, probably as there wasnt much in the oil tank so weight didnt force spring open... now theres a thought for the future...
the motobat still has a good charge and the fuel with octane booster has not gone off. ( the bike has been stood for months ) a couple of good investments there..
I have noticed a puddle of oil on the ramp, seems to be exiting via the oil flinger seal on the back of the clutch. As a plunger virgin, presumably this is a clutch off job or a gearbox out one? also I see the washer is riveted on. Drags dont have a couple of the parts in stock including the rivets. who uses what?

Singles / Re: Side cover removal
« on: 30 December, 2021, 18:24:07 »
turn the hammer you have around 180 degrees, use the wooden end, just as good

Singles / Re: Oil leak at front wheel
« on: 28 December, 2021, 15:36:16 »
normally, loosen the top clamp bolt, loosen the top chrome nut, remove the front wheel and loosen the bottom clamp. the leg should then drop out.
only do the one side and you will not have trouble lining it all back up. service, then reassemble leg into yokes tighten up then you can do the other side . finally re insert the wheel.

take them both out together and you have fun re lining and threading everything back again.
unless. you intend checking the head bearings.

should be re looking at mine this week, sprang a leak from the drain screw and damn bike has not been on the road ,or even off the ramp yet¬¬

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