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Singles / Re: Preignition
« on: 30 March, 2022, 22:06:28 »
As you like - was just trying to help but have seen enough now.

Bye all.

Singles / Re: Preignition
« on: 30 March, 2022, 18:19:18 »
I would always suggest setting the points gap first and then timing at full advance at 7/16" BTDC (remember earlier mags are tight to advance and later ones slack).
Although these engines are pretty tolerant of ignition timing it's more critical with mags as they only generate maximum flux (spark juice) at one particular point in the cycle. So, when the timing is too far advanced - or retarded - there will be a reduction in spark energy as the points open.

I start my M21s with a little bit of advance, adjust for a nice idle and then, once warmed up, advance with engine revs listening to the engine to make sure that I'm not over advanced.

As mentioned, pre-ignition may just be the result of too much advance for the condiitons.


The Star and Garter / Re: Prostate
« on: 22 March, 2022, 19:07:16 »
I've been following this thread with interest and am of a certain age so thought I'd chip in.

I was also diagnosed with benign prostate hyperstasis (enlargement) a few years ago after the usual symptoms - reduced flow, multiple visits in the night - and prescribed Tamsulosin. It helped but I found I could stop taking them after a few weeks and the problem didn't reoccur for a year or so and I now just take them when necessary - note this is not as recommended by the GP but it works well for me.

My consultant urologist (available for a short time whilst covered by company insurance) also suggested that I should get a PSA test every 6 months. However, this is not current NHS practice. I understand that the test can deliver false positives but would prefer to be able to make my own decision about when to get tested. My GP practice says no symptoms, no test. After nagging them they agreed to do one. I haven't heard back so assume that it was fine but would prefer some feedback. They still won't agree to regular screening - only if I present with symptoms.

I see that there are now home testing kits available and I will be getting one and testing every 6 months as advised. I'd rather a false positive than take the chance of missing an early indication particularly as some strains can be extremely aggressive.

I also find myself musing about what I would do if there was a 'National Bike Service' where you had to take your bike for a service (if you could ever get through to book it and accept a long wait of course). We take it for granted that we have a completely free choice where we take our bikes to be looked after and serviced or repaired when necessary and we share reviews and experiences with each other. Why shouldn't this model be applied to the most important engines in our lives - our bodies? Yes we can 'go private' but the cost is often beyond the reach of many people and there's also (in my experience) a social stigma attached as if it's somehow disrespecting the NHS.

It really does concern me that so many people assume that the NHS is the only 'service station' available to provide diagnostics for their bodies and just accept the level of service that is provided without questioning whether there should be other alternatives.

Please don't think that I'm critical of the employees that deliver NHS clinical care - I'm absolutely not but I do feel that the NI-funded, 'free at the point of delivery' model created in 1948 is terminally ill and it's time we considered a more European style of contributory health care with the option of increased individual choice.


The Star and Garter / Re: pictures
« on: 07 March, 2022, 17:05:10 »
An SMF upgrade might be able to assist.... new features in 2.1 include drag and drop attachements.
If this could be combined with a function to auto-resize (when required) on upload then it might make the process quite a bit simpler?


The Star and Garter / Re: pictures
« on: 07 March, 2022, 09:30:10 »
@web admins - might be interesting to see if this mod works with 2.0.17...?


The Star and Garter / Re: pictures
« on: 05 March, 2022, 12:51:08 »
In case it helps....

I usually access the site via Chrome browser from my laptop (chromebook but could be anything with any browser).

I can do the same using a browser on my Android phone but rarely do as I prefer regular latop/PC keyboards for input.

I have Google drive set up on both. If I want to post a pic taken on the phone I usually share it (from Gallery) to Google Drive, then access from laptop to resize using the built-in image viewer/editor and then post from the same laptop.

I could do all that on the phone but in my view much fiddlier to resize/crop photos and type using the small keypad.


Singles / Re: Frame powder coating
« on: 23 February, 2022, 22:44:45 »
I often wet paint parts that would be problematic for blasting/powser coating.

Chain guards can distort from the blasting proess and tanks of course can retain grit that's hard to remove.
Swinging arms with good-enough Silentblocs also might be best cold painted.

Is there any real advantage to two-pack though? I use Hammerite smooth aerosol on such parts and get very good results if I pay attention to surface prep and temperature.


Singles / Re: Frame powder coating
« on: 22 February, 2022, 17:37:58 »
Hi Geoff, it might be an idea to have a chat with them to establish what they offer and what they expect from you in terms of preparation - in my experience this can vary.

Parts need to be free of oily or greasy crud as this inhibits the blasting process.
All areas not to be coated need to be effectively masked (resistant to high temperatures), male threads can be capped and female threads plugged with silicon.
I find the steering head the most challenging and use penny washers and studding to blank them off.

It's important to mask all threads as getting powder coat off is a real pain - especially small, female threads.

Some companies might offer a cleaning and masking service, others may expect you to do it all yourself so a good idea to talk it all over in advance.
(Personally, I always do it myself so I know I won't be having to scrape/dremel excess powder coat off when I get it back!).

I also count and photograph all the parts and offer them when taking the parts in. I once took a B40 in to my local powder coater and a week later collected an A10 !!


Twins / Re: A65 Star -does anyone make pipes that actually FIT?
« on: 15 February, 2022, 21:43:14 »
Have you tried Armours in Bournemouth?


Twins / Re: New member about to restore my BSA
« on: 08 February, 2022, 08:04:56 »
Hi Mike,

Looking forward to following the story of your restoration - I'm sure you will get plenty of excellent help and advice here.

However, should you decide that it's all too much and wish to turn an immediate profit, I would not hesitate to offer you the price of a full Big Mac Meal. In fact I'll even go large on the fries!! Now you don't get an offer like that every day.  ;D ;D ;D ;D

All the best,

Singles / Re: Anti Wet sumping valves
« on: 07 February, 2022, 18:28:52 »
The thirst of one who seeks erudition must be slaked....  :)

I can offer only a mere a sip....

I think Dave's point about the influence of piston at TDC must be related to a specific engine layout.

A single - or 360 twin - with white metal big end bearings would maybe provide more resistance with the journals higher up as the pressure head from oil tank to the journal oil feed holes is then at the minimum so that certainly makes sense theoretically. In practice? Not sure.

For roller big end engines I doubt it would make much difference (and my M21s are them wot wet sumps worst!)

Ignition on won't make any difference (unless there's a solenoid valve in the oil feed line activated by the igniiton) but even then you wouldn't leave the ignition on long enough without the engine running for it to wet sump - except by accident which would likely result in a flat battery and likely a rather overheated coil(s)....


Singles / Re: Anti Wet sumping valves
« on: 05 February, 2022, 21:34:36 »
I use them. They work well.

They just stop oil running from the tank when the pump is not pulling.
Comprising a simple non-return valve - ball and spring - with just enough spring pressure to hold the ball against the seat until the pressure falls when the pump pulls.

How can you get an airlock in normal use when there is a head of oil above the valve? If you have an airlock in the feed it's going to be a problem irrespective of whether a valve is fitted - and fitting a valve certainly won't make an airlock more likely - just the opposite.

I habitually remove the the oil tank cap and check the level and return flow when a bike is started after a period of being laid up regardless of whether a valve is fitted.
Never had a problem.


Singles / Re: Terminology
« on: 01 February, 2022, 13:05:27 »
Back in my yoof, as a programmer, 'code pixies' were often responsible for the unpredictable nature of computer software.

Sometimes this could be quite serious - especially when building missile control systems and may well have been the reason that a Mk24 Tigerfish torpedo once decided to leave the sea and experience life on the golf links near Deal - how those pixies laughed....


Singles / Re: Terminology
« on: 01 February, 2022, 08:41:47 »

A wonderful explanation.... I'm impressed that you've actually got (or rather had before they were eaten) some round tuits.
I always wanted some of these but for some reason it never happened....

Historical note - 'bloody' may also be a contraction of 'By'r Lady' which was itself a contraction of 'By our Lady', a common expression of surprise etc. dating back to Tudor times.

The goblins at my place seem to have taken up residence in the SU carb on my Ariel - I'm sure that's why it won't start.


Twins / Re: Carb cleaning
« on: 28 January, 2022, 22:33:53 »
My pleasure Mike  :)

I invested in a small blasting cabinet a while back which I now use for all my alloy and brass parts when restoring.
Glass grit to clean and glass bead to peen and sheen.

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