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Hi Richard

can you remember more about how you did it ?

Do I just need to find a good solid flat ended object as a driver that will contact all of the  top semi-circle of spray tube  ?

my worry was that with only a semi circle of brass it may distort before it budges free

I have a Concentric Mk1 on my B40 that has the Norton spray tube, with square cut out facing engine.

What should the effect of the cut-out be on the fuel mix? weaken or enrich ?

Also  I see elsewhere that the spray tube can be tapped I could potentially put a 4 stroke spray tube in. If anyone has changed spray tubes and has an idea how best to do this with the Norton shaped tube, let me know. last think I wan't to do is have a go, fail and end up with a mashed one stuck in.

(need to be a member to post on the Norton Owners Club forum..otherwise I'd ask there)

Singles / Re: Any suggestion please
« on: 14 July, 2018, 13:50:01 »
agree. more info needed

indicate what you've checked e.g for air leaks; condition of carb; crap in fuel

I had an almost similar problem with my B40 of not being able to get it to idle and having to hold the throttle open to keep it going and a bit of spitting when I throttle down. But it had idled ok not long before having just put it back together............turned out to be the air filter shaking itself off and affecting fuel fuel mix

I knew my fuel and carb should be clean, but was advised didn't need much.   I didn't think I had air leaks at the engine manifold or too much wear in the carb

too much wear on the throttle s

I didn't think I should have air leaks

Singles / Re: right throttle slide type - without air valve
« on: 11 July, 2018, 17:43:10 »
cheers Julian. 

Singles / right throttle slide type - without air valve
« on: 11 July, 2018, 17:06:00 »
I've just bought a throttle slide for my Mk1 concentric and forgot to think about my lack of air valve, and air cable/lever. The one I bought is open on the air valve part rather blanked off as on my existing old throttle slide.

To use without air valve, cable & lever does it have to be blanked off ?

( in which case I'll have to decide whether to get the extra parts or get a blanked-off slide)

Singles / Re: B40 fuel tank
« on: 10 July, 2018, 11:07:21 »
I looked at the Indian tanks as potentially the easiest way to look original with the  chromed sides & have a clean rust free tank.

Having posted on correct original colours & colour matching different parts of the tinware, I wonder if this is something you should think about. I couldn't tell from pictures online how close those tanks might be to the colour on the rest of my tinware.  If you are not fussed about how close to original the colour you restoration is ( which some have told me depended on the original batch anyway) then I guess it's a case of buy the tank first then take it to an autoshop to colour match for the spraying the rest of the tinware.

I guess on a re

I can check for dirt in carb when I strip it again next week. Not that likely to be the cause though, as everything in the fuel system has been cleaned & I put the fuel in...from a clear container........mind you I haven't been to spec savers recently so I guess something could have sneaked through.

Carb is not as originally set up...but I highlight that it idled pretty ok last week. I shall leave dirt in fuel on my check list.

can't take it on a run  without MOT or insurance ! what would it achieve ? apart from allowing the chop test on main jet size ?

Singles / Erratic idle - not sure why it seems to have changed
« on: 04 July, 2018, 18:43:18 »
I got my B40F started recently.  I started the tuning process. (Haven't done the stage 1 main jet test as I'm not MOT'd so garage bound currently). Did stage two to set the idle speed. It was idling a little bit erratically,but could leave it idling pretty happily.

I come back a week later & it still starts easily, but is erratic and won't idle. I haven't changed the pilot jet,throttle stop or cable adjuster. I can keep it running ( & ensure it's warmed up) by holding the throttle open a bit, but it's erratic. Interestingly if I carefully keep the throttle in one place at 1/8 or below.....the revs are wavering up and down. (It's also erratic above 1/8 )

Advice on possible causes welcome

My guesses so far are:

a) air leak at carb ( or possibly at exhaust) possible I guess that the carb is trying to shake itself loose at the flanges...but nothing lobvious to the eye. Anyway to check for small leaks ?

b) worn throttle slide: it doesn't look very worn and seems a snug fit.

b) ethanol/gummimg up of carb problem with old float, float needle and fuel hose. However I've put Millers VSPE Power Plus in the was hoping that would avoid this possible problem.
(I'll look for crud/gum next week as I'll be replacing my existing not very worn 3.5 slide with the correct cut-out 3 slide....but the slide cut-out should affect the idle as far as I can see) 

c) dirt/rust in the fuel : shouldn't be as I have just lined the tank with POR -15

d) spark: don't see why this would have changed as haven't tinkered with points since then and not sure it would cause erratic idle

yours a bit confused


Singles / Re: B40 C15 battery carrier
« on: 27 June, 2018, 17:38:43 »
Thanks for pointing me at Rupert R, a copy of which I have and should have looked at !  Looks like I can make the missing clip and wire sections with RR's helpful measurements and drawings.

Just to close off this post ( for anyone later) I have uploaded a photo of the complete carrier.

Singles / B40 C15 battery carrier
« on: 27 June, 2018, 12:35:28 »
I do not have the the wire fastening section on mine. I saw a complete batter carrier on ebay at the weekend, but did not bid  as I didn't want to take the tinware off to swap it over.

Anyone know if the wire fastening section can just be detached and swapped over to one in situ ? ( if so I'll keep my eye out for a second hand original part.)

Also what's the best arrangement to fit with out the original fastening.  I presume the battery needs to be cushioned a little to avoid cracking the battery case. currently I've wrapped the battery sides in bubble wrap, with a webbing strap around that. I'll replace this with some thin rubber or thin packing closed cell foam find when I find some)

I contacted them a couple of weeks ago & have chased. They said they'd search. Sounds like if they still have them they are buried somewhere not easy to find ( when the weather is so nice!)

Thanks Julian

No those are the pillar bolts....but looks like part 14 on this draganfly link is the same as I need:

and they now seem to have them in stock. so I should now be sorted.


I've been looking but still haven't found a source for these

If anyone knows where I can get replacements it would be appreciated

( or anything else I can replace them with ?)

Singles / B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 16 June, 2018, 13:49:36 »
I think I've just been a bit dumb and ignition not at fault.

tried pre-warning cylinder with air gun and putting a little fuel in cylinder ....with not joy.

found the previous spark plug, put it joy.

read manual on start up procedure ( :-\) and thought why have I been holding the valve lifter open a bit. Had mis-remembered the bit on air throttle which I don't have.

Started 1st time with valve not lifted. Sounded healthy (  ;D 8) yes even dummies can get there eventually if they read the bloomin manual  !)

(So is the valve lifter only to help get past the highest compression point before starting ?)

(Am chuffed/releaved...but can't progress to tune etc as I have a very leaky fuel tap and don't want to set fire to bike/garage. When my missus gets back I'm sure she'll be impressed about how much gardening I've done)

Singles / Re: B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 16 June, 2018, 11:43:04 »
 I can confirm that. I have a digital copy of the 1965 owners "instruction manual" for C15 & B40 models. For gear box oil it says "approx 1/2 pint all models "

manual can be found online here:

(this may be the American version of the manual but I've so far found nothing different. Looks like National Motorcycle museum website can provide uk manual for 6 ish)

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