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Title: Wrong diagnosis
Post by: Fereday on 04 June, 2017, 22:18:51
My last new topic I was under the impression my transistor on my wassall electronic ignition was broke I was using two 12 volt coils linked . I was informed that these would not damage the box so when I finally checked everything I found the coils were at fault. These coils had only done 300 miles ! Can anyone state the reason why this would happen thank you
Title: Re: Wrong diagnosis
Post by: HUGH on 06 June, 2017, 14:11:57
Not sure if you mean that the coils were at fault or using 12 volt coils. As you may know the recommended is 2 6 volt coils. My T120R used two 12 v for  a fair few miles but eventually the coils failed there. Old age is possibility as the coils were 40 years old. My 1970 A65L had the same set up but changed to 2 6 volt coils almost as soon as acquired it and no problems. Hugh