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Title: DVLA
Post by: Mike Farmer on 26 December, 2019, 12:50:11
 :) :) :)

Just had initial registration rejected by DVLA.

Partly my fault because I made an error on the cheque, and guess what----- Rejected on the grounds that they require the date of manufacture, and that regardless of the fact that I sent a fully completed BSAOC Dating Certificate. Amazing because last year they accepted one for my WM20. Oh! woe is me.

Mike 8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: DVLA
Post by: ducati2242 on 26 December, 2019, 14:26:09
I had one rejected recently too for a 1950 Ariel square four for the same reason . Date of factory departure not accepted as date of manufacture . I had a dating certificate from draganfly who said it would be accepted but DVLA refused it . I had it inspected by the Ariel owners club who then sent me the same certificate but wrote on it in pen date of manufacture 1950 etc same as departure date and it was signed by the relevant person at the club . Sent it all back and 2 weeks later got my registration . Check still has not been cashed some 2 weeks later . Think they are getting tighter as they are now demanding an inspection by the relevant club . My last build , DB500, had to be inspected by SGS  as they were the DVLA inspectors but that seems to have changed now and they insisted on club verification for my square four .
Title: Re: DVLA
Post by: Mike Farmer on 15 January, 2020, 16:33:38
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Just got it back. All OK, so done and dusted.

Mike :) 8) 8)