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Title: 1952 M21
Post by: 13Brads on 20 November, 2019, 22:27:14
Not sure if I have shared this before but here goes anyway.  This is Betsy, an ex AA bike bought by a good friend of mine for 40 in 1960. It then had a sidecar fitted and was used as daily transport. In 1964 with the sidecar removed and some mods carried out my friend and his wife rode overland from London to Australia also taking in Tasmania and New Zealand. They returned by sea in 1967 and Betsy resumed the role of daily transport until being taken off the road in 1970. My friend died in 2015 and his wife gifted the bike to me at which point it was not running. Since then, I have just done what was required to put it back into service, with no intention of carrying out a full restoration.
Title: Re: 1952 M21
Post by: GLENN on 21 November, 2019, 12:43:42
very nice bike - I noticed the AA petrol tank which is a bit different.  Some interesting modifications, is the addition to the oil tank to increase the capacity?  Thanks for sharing....Glenn
Title: Re: 1952 M21
Post by: Rog1 on 22 November, 2019, 18:52:43
Very interesting; I like the practical mods that have been made. Is that an AA front mudguard? I think I have the same one on my M33.
And you seem to have what looks like a left hand side stand on the right side of the bike. Am I right?
Title: Re: 1952 M21
Post by: 13Brads on 22 November, 2019, 21:39:44
Hi Rog1 and Glenn

Not sure about the front mudguard, all I can tell you is it has a Claude Rye badge on the front edge. The side stand is as you say. I presume my friend Fred fitted it because when it was loaded up for the trip, it would have been the only way to stand the bike. I have to say that I was not comfortable with it so I have removed it and fitted a rear stand.

Yes Glenn, the oil tank was enlarged to increase capacity. The rear footrests were modified to facilitate the fitting of some home made panniers. A dual seat was fitted, and the air filter system modified. They had one breakdown on the trip, a puncture in New Zealand that required a new tyre and tube.