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Title: A65L Clutch
Post by: Willie Dee on 07 July, 2019, 16:34:54
OK So we solved the carb problem only to find the clutch is slipping,adjusted the clearance and it seemed OK but on another run out it started slipping again. I was having the cover off anyway (see oil leak post) so hauled the clutch to bits. The adjusters were all at different lengths and seemed slack to me,the pressure plate was pulling off to one side but the clutch cleared ok. The questions much lining would you expect on the driven plates and where would you expect the spring adjusters so sit roughly,how many threads or no threads or whatever? Loving this A10 has given me no bother..
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: A10 JWO on 07 July, 2019, 17:42:04
Mine has one coil showing as per my SRM fitting instructions. There a few recent threads on this subject that you can research. There are also different length springs on the market just to confuse everyone. 
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: Willie Dee on 07 July, 2019, 18:10:14
Cheers JWO.
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: Editor on 07 July, 2019, 20:32:51
The spring adjustment is mainly there to 'balance' the pressure plate to ensure that when engaged, the pressure is even on the plates.
To check, pull the clutch in and spin it over with the kickstart. Adjust each one until the pressure plate is true. Its difficult to check if the wear on the corks is the reason for slip. They usually look OK but dont work. A new set of Ferodo type cork lined ones will set you back about 30-40 so its worth fitting new if in doubt. (Surflex cost a lot more, around 15 per plate the last time I looked).
Hope that helps
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: Bess on 07 July, 2019, 21:17:46
    Not sure what age your bike is, however generally the driven plate should be 0.140-0,145" thick with a maximum wear of 0.030.

BSA service sheet 153, March 1967. This outlines the revised instructions for A65/50 clutch spring adjustment found in the members area.

Best wishes..
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: Willie Dee on 14 July, 2019, 17:21:59
Just an update,clutch now not slipping and selects gears with no issues but feck me,it's heavy. The cable on it is too long (it has dropped bars). Where would I get a shorter cable as the "book" one is too long?
Title: Re: A65L Clutch
Post by: chaz on 14 July, 2019, 18:28:20
kits can be bought to make the length you want, go to a autojumble/classic bike do and there will probably be someone there who can make one.
if you measure yours then decide what length you actually need, you can probably find one .
if you find slinky cable, it has a central cable with a plastic coating which slides better in the outer.