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Title: C15 Electrics
Post by: Calvin on 08 April, 2017, 16:45:02


Re building a c15.
New Lucas loom.
All lights work , horn works, stop light works all earths are very good.
I am trying to fit a boyer ignition kit 0059 I have followed the instructions but can not get a spark and I am getting close to giving up.
I will admit I don't have a great knowledge of these things so any advice would be very welcome
Title: Re: C15 Electrics
Post by: TTJOHN on 09 April, 2017, 18:32:13
You should not have any problem, if as you say you fitted new loom and there should be no need to fit a Boyer Bransden kit, Have you checked the coil to make sure your getting power to  it on the switch side and the contact breaker side, also to make sure you have the correct gap on the points and that you have the timing? after checking all this, I would make sure your not 180 degrees out with the distributor.

Title: Re: C15 Electrics
Post by: Editor on 11 April, 2017, 15:54:19
Hi Calvin,
Is it a side points model or the earlier mushroom contact breaker housing (I know some call them distributor but it does distribute HT spark)? 
I have fitted one to a Starfire and head a few problems, so I called Boyer, and the guy was very helpful. Its worth trying them first.
Dont give up on the Boyer, as when they are set up they just keep on working! I've had my Thunderbolt for 11 yrs and the Boyer that was fitted when I bought it looked like it had been on the bike for quite a long time.
Hope this helps
Title: Re: C15 Electrics
Post by: Calvin on 11 April, 2017, 18:38:00

Thanks for your help.
All sorted now .
I had wired a wire wrong plugging it a dormant wire.
I worked my way through the wires and found my error.
Now I have a good spark.
Tomorrow I will be adding fuel so hopefully it will be running.