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Title: B44 Victor Special engine breathing
Post by: DON GRAY on 21 March, 2017, 15:38:32
Hello All.

I've just finished rebuilding my '68 Victor Special & was wondering about engine breathing. I've yet to run it for any length of time on the road due to still awaiting an age related plate.... But am I correct in thinking the engine breathes through several orifices, one being the camshaft?

I'm running Electrex World electronic ignition, so don't have points or in fact anything behind the points cover. So my question, is it worth screwing a blanking bolt into the end of the camshaft to limit the amount of oil mist coming out? Or does the pressure just come out around the end of the camshaft bush or somewhere else near there? The hole for the points wire into the inner case is still open....There's certainly a lot of puffin' around there as you kick the engine over! After my short test rides there was a little build up of oil behind the tin cover that dribbled out around the bottom screw, which I can seal with a little gasket goo, but be nice to restrict the amount of oil getting there in the first place. The camshaft seal in the outer case was renewed of course on rebuilding.... Cheers, Don.