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Title: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: RedsC15 on 16 March, 2017, 22:38:07
Hello to all!
New forum member looking for a bit of advice regarding a leaky 1960 C15..
My first British bike as I usually have 70/80s Jap 2 stroke stuff but this came available so went for it. Anyway, its been stood for 2 years and was running when laid up but when I collected it there was a huge puddle of oil underneath. So got it home, up on the ramp, cleaned up the bottom of engine and traced the leaks. One is from the primary chaincase, another from a brittle oil feed pipe so nice easy fixes on these. However, the worst leak is from the inner timing cover so I'm looking for advice and opinion on which way to go..
So 1, Can the inner cover be removed without disturbing the gear cluster and is it a relatively easy task?
2, Looking at gasket kits I cant see gaskets for the inner and outer timing covers, so are these available or were they simply not used?
3, Is it worth the bother of fixing it as most ive spoke to just say "of course it leaks, its British!"
I don't fancy leaving it as it would bug the hell out of me- I don't mind a few drips here and there but this is pretty bad..
Any advice appreciated,
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: TTJOHN on 17 March, 2017, 09:47:02
Welcome to the forum. Oil leaks are always worth trying to sort out before they get too bad, the inner and outer cases do not have gaskets but you could always make a thin paper type one to suit, I'm not sure but believe that the gear cluster comes out with the inner case but that's quite easy if you have the C15 book.
However if the bike has been laid up for some time you may need to replace the oil seal in the gearbox, by the drive sprocket, I'm sure there will be lots of response to your enquiry later.

Kind regards TTJohn
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: RedsC15 on 17 March, 2017, 17:03:36
Hello John, thanks for reply.. Yes, ive ordered a repro service sheet book- ive also downloaded one and from what I read I got the impression the cluster may stay in place. Ive got the Haynes manual but that was saying to remove cluster as that was based on full stripdown with clutch basket etc removed on the other side.
Good point about the gearbox seal- will replace that when it goes back together
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: Bess on 17 March, 2017, 17:57:10
Hi RedcC15,
                    Having worked in engineering and having problems with gaskets over the years I now cut my own using GOREŽ GR Sheet Gasketing. Where gaskets are not specified and end float or other problems occur I use Hylomar Blue or Wellseal.

These products have served me well and when used as per the instructions I never had a problems.

Best wishes.
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: OLIVER on 17 March, 2017, 22:26:46
hi richard . well what can i say i too have 2 japs in the garage 1 being a rd 250 f
and a klx 250. and i also like you bought a c 15 . again offered to me .as part of a deal
welcome to leaky bsa hell.eekkk
i too managed to sort out some leaks before giving up.and decided to take the engine out.
mine was leaking from the oil manifold under engine. primary gasket .head gasket..and finaly
the pesky kickstart witch on my 1960 dizzy model has no oil seal
i could actualy watch the oil run out of the gearbox when the outer cover was not fitted
i finished the rebuild on the bench and decided to fill the gearbox back up .to save time
and when i came back to the shed in the morning to fit it back in
hay presto a huge puddle o gearbox wee. and it smells like wee .doesent it!
im in the process of honing out the casing to fit a seal from a late model c15.   good luck richard we both will need it.... :'(
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: RedsC15 on 18 March, 2017, 21:13:02
Thanks for replies, quick update..
Inner cover now removed so just going to clean it up.
Quick question for Bess; Where no gasket is specified, would you make one up or just use the good old blue hylomar?
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: Bess on 18 March, 2017, 21:56:07
Hi RedsC15,
                    I haven't had a C15 for awhile and can't remember the tolerances between the casings.

I like using GORE gaskets, and try to use them for every application, they never let me down.

However I tend to ensure any casing mating surfaces specified without gaskets are flat by using a surface table or very lightly removing any high spots with a large smooth file with shed loads of chalk rubbed in the teeth. I fit them together and ensure any rotating shafts, gears etc are free with the specified end float. I Use a DTI or plastigage, then make the decision to fit the necessary spacers to get the desired tolerances. Then I use Hylomar Blue, remembering there is every possibility, if I apply too much that some might peel off inside the engine and interfere with oilways.

Best wishes.........hope this makes sense, I watched the Rugby earlier and had a few ciders to drown my sorrows....
Title: Re: C15 oil leaks!
Post by: Calvin on 19 March, 2017, 20:45:03
My C15 has a oil leak from one yes just one of the oil sump guard studs.
New studs will be purchased at some point to try and stop the leak.