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Title: B40 Star sensible tyres ?
Post by: hoogerbooger on 26 February, 2018, 21:04:37
My rather old dry-stored tyres look a bit ropey.  Bike manual says 3.25" x 18" front and 3.5" x 18" back. Just been scanning tyres online & I'm not really sure what might be good, bad or ugly. I want something that is safe but looks fairly original. Any suggestions ? or advice.
Title: Re: B40 Star sensible tyres ?
Post by: hoogerbooger on 27 February, 2018, 20:40:30
Rupert Ratio says ribbed front &  G.S. K70 for the back

Back: Dunlop K70s not available in 18" 3.5.  I have a Dunlop 3.5 K82 on currently ( might be ok, but tyre is available to buy if not. So I guess I'm sorted for the back)

Front: searching ont internet the only 18" 3.25 front ribbed I can find is the Mitas H-04 Ribbed.  Anyone used these or know if they should be ok or best avoided ? If avoided any recommendation as a best pairing with the K82 on the back.

(Incidentally with the original tyres would the centre stand lift the back wheel off the ground ? I have a 1965 frame and stand doesn't quite touch the ground on both sides  currently)

Title: Re: B40 Star sensible tyres ?
Post by: Dabbist on 02 March, 2018, 08:27:09
     When I bought my B40 (late last year) it was fitted with a Taiwanese Chen Shin 3.25x 18 on the front and a Dunlop on the rear. The Chen Shin is a fairly conservative looking block tread.
I only rode it about fifty miles home, before stripping it for rebuild. They seemed absolutely fine, but I obviously wasn't being particularly adventurous, having never ridden the bike before.
The front looks brand new but I'm not sure about the rear. There's virtually no tread wear, but the sidewalls could be showing a bit of age.
If you want pictures (or to buy them for that matter, I'm rebuilding mine as an Enduro(ish) so I won't be using them) then give a shout and I'll sort something out.