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Title: Side points base plate - 1965 BSA B40F
Post by: Phil C on 04 February, 2018, 23:54:12
As I understand it, to adjust the points I should undo the slotted circular nut just above the points (see photo attached), then use a screwdriver or the like between the two little notches to lever the bottom contact one way or the other, and then re-tighten the slotted nut. Seems simple, and suggests to me that the screw onto which the circular nut screws is a) fixed, and b) passes through a slot or hole in the base plate which is big enough to allow room for movement. On mine however it is screwing onto a screw, the head of which, on the other side of the plate, is countersunk. If you just turn the circular nut, the screw underneath spins aswell, and doesn't loosen. So to undo the nut, it's necessary to have a screwdriver on both sides, ie the  nut and the screw, which means taking the base plate out. So that can't be right, surely?  And yet it looks (see photo) like the one in a sketch in the Haynes manual. Can anyone enlighten me please?  I'll get screwdrivers on both sides tomorrow (a bit late now tonight) to separate them and see if the hole is big enough to allow movement so that the points can be adjusted, but at the moment it looks like maybe not.   Phil (novice).